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1 TechSolve Process>Performance>Profit


3 Presented by: Jeanatta A. Brown Government Contract Specialist/ Director And brought to you by: TechSolve’s Center for Emerging Enterprises’ Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) Helping Businesses Sell to The Government

4 Workshop Objectives HUnderstand how PTAC operates HCentral Contractor Registration HLearn about special programs or government registrations Graduate of Government Contracting Workshop

5 History: In 1985 the U.S. Department of Defense established Procurement Technical Assistance Centers. Mission: To assist small and mid-sized businesses in selling there products and services to the government. (Federal, State, and Local)



8 Government Assistance HTraining HBid-Match Service HPaperwork Assistance HProcurement History HSpecs and Standards HElectronic Commerce HRegistration & Certification HOne-on-one Counseling

9 Registration HSF129 4Some agencies HCCR 4 HPronet

10 What is CCR? A Central Repository For Vendor Data….. Central Contractor Registration

11 Customers CCR created to be the single collection point for vendor registration information; expanding to include Federal Government

12 Why CCR? Vendor Information Changes Constantly: A new business opens every minute A business files bankruptcy every 8 minutes A business closes every 3 minutes A suit, lien or judgment is filed against a company every 14 seconds A chief executive officer changes every minute A company name change occurs every 2 minutes Source – Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.

13 Government Learned... 1.Vendors know more about their company information than the Government 2.Vendors keep their information current if They are in control and Their information is used 3.Annual renewal ensures data quality 4.Government agencies will embrace a common source of accurate and current vendor data 5.Awards and invoice payments are an effective incentive for vendors to keep their record current

14 What does this mean... Register or you will not be awarded a federal contract!

15 Types of Data Collected DUNS/DUNS+4 is the Unique Identifier* –Agreement with D&B to do a free and quick assignment CAGE Code If vendor doesn’t have one, it is assigned (except foreign) TIN/SSN* Legal Name*, Doing Business As Name, Address* Corporate web URL Type of Organization* & Socio-economic Status* Types of Goods & Services (NAICS*, SIC, FSC, PSC) Payment Information (EFT* and Remittance*) Points of Contact –CCR*, Payment*,Marketing, Electronic Business, Past Performance EDI Transaction Information * Mandatory

16 What you will receive Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) CODE Trading Partner Identification (TPIN) number Opportunity to be awarded a contract – no guarantees

17 SBA migrated PRO-Net to CCR: As of 1/1/04, SBA's PRO-Net search capability will become the Dynamic Small Business Search function in CCR. For more information view: http://pro-net.sba.gov

18 Certification u Federal Level 4Small Business (self-certify) 4Woman-owned Business (self-certify) 4Self-Certification is not questioned until a competitor or other interested party protests. 4SBA certification Small Disadvantaged & 48(a) Program Business (pre-certification) 4Veteran-Owned Business(pre-certification) 4SBA Hubzone certification (pre-certification)

19 SBA 8(a) Program 4For socially and economically disadvantaged businesses 4Must be a small business (13 CFR Part 121) 4Nine year program - graduation 4Must be in business 2 years to apply (waiver) 4SBA Certification is required 4Certification recognized also as SDB certification

20 General Service Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule Make an informed decision Contracting Vehicle Registration

21 Other Tips Register with to Do Business with the State of Ohio or other states that you desire to work with. Register with Local Government Agencies Make sure information in DNB about your firm is accurate and up to date.

22 Where Can I Go For Help? u Procurement Technical Assistance Centers u TechSolve’s PTAC provide: 4Free one-on-one contracting counseling 4 Forms and more forms 4 Automated federal buy history 4 Automated bid matching 4 Specifications and Standards 4 Government contracting resource library 4 Information on Electronic Contracting 4 Assistance with certification programs 4 Contract administration guidance

23 Where Can I Go For Help? uThe Small Business Administration uScore uSmall Business Development Center u Minority Contractors and Business Assistance Program u TechSolve- Manufacturing Solution Center uCenter for Emerging Enterprises uManufacturing Small Business Development Center uProcurement Technical Assistance Center Some Resources Include:

24 Ohio- PTAC Results Jeanatta A. Brown, Government Contract Specialist/ PTAC Director 513-948-2083

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