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Daily PE Lesson Plan Ch 4.

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1 Daily PE Lesson Plan Ch 4

2 Planning Developmentally appropriate lessons
Must understand importance of planning Without a plan success is by chance

3 Qualities of Effective Planners
Patience Flexibility Persistence Self-Knowledge

4 Lesson Plans Valuable Document student learning
Parents, administrators, teachers, etc. Potential injury Future reference Followed sound teaching principles

5 State Requirements & National Standards
Required curriculum State counts recess as meeting physical education requirements Some States require time not skills Consult standards and use curriculum guide

6 National Standards Demonstrate competency in motor skills & movement patterns Demonstrate understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, & tactics Participates regularly in physical activity Achieves & maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness

7 Lesson Plans Curriculum is guide not provide lesson plans Develop own

8 PE Lesson Plan Address individuality when developing
Create productive learning outcomes & details actions in helping students meet them Similar to those in classroom 11 steps

9 PE Lesson Plan List of information need in order to focus on lesson’s purpose & desired outcomes

10 Steps Step 1: grade level
Step 2: skills teaching during the lesson, skill themes, fundamental motor skills Step 3: Learnable piece, student goals for this lesson, physical act or behavior needed to perform skill

11 Steps Step 4: Equipment & Materials
Step 5: Protocols, special safety related directions or commands Step 6: Instant Activity, what should learner do when first entering the facility

12 Steps Step 7: Set Induction, tell students what they will be learning and why it’s important, spark enthusiasm Step 8: Class Organization and Structure, management & instruction, information on how to organize & structure class

13 Steps Step 9: Developing Content, give learner different tasks to aid development Extensions-help attain proficiency in skill theme, extend or modify task Application-perform familiar task to certain standard, number, height, etc Refinements-cues to help perform skill correctly, not change task but reminder of how to execute

14 Steps Step 10: Closure, review lesson content to remember what was covered in lesson Step 11: Assessment, Formal-document, collected & placed in student folders Informal-observation driven, undocumented

15 Class Organization Grouping Performance space Equipment Formations

16 Formats Scripted – write down exactly what going to do and say; as if speaking Time-consuming Beginning teachers may benefit forces them to think through all lesson transitions Helps to remember what to say, how, & when to say things

17 Formats Column – divided into sections
Highlights lesson content development Less time to write, less detailed Reminder of where plan to go next lesson Rely on own knowledge & experience

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