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Understanding Computers Ch.161 Chapter 16 Intellectual Property Rights, Ethics, Health, Access, and the Environment.

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1 Understanding Computers Ch.161 Chapter 16 Intellectual Property Rights, Ethics, Health, Access, and the Environment

2 Understanding Computers Ch.162 Intellectual Property Rights Copyrights —protect original artistic or literary works. Trademarks —protect identifying words, symbols, or designs. Patents —protect inventions.

3 Understanding Computers Ch.163 Ethics Ethics—standards of moral conducts. Computer ethics Personal ethics Business ethics Ethical use of copyrighted material. Books and Web-based articles (plagiarism). Music and movies (fair use vs. illegal file sharing).


5 Understanding Computers Ch.165 Ethics, Cont’d. Ethical use of resources and information. Ethical use of school or company resources (codes of conduct, codes of ethics). Ethical use of employee and customer information. Cheating and falsifying information. Prevalence Academic honor codes

6 Understanding Computers Ch.166 Ethics, Cont’d. Computer hoaxes and digital manipulation. Computer hoax—an inaccurate statement or story spread through the use of computers. Digital manipulation— digitally modifying text, images, photographs, music, and other content.

7 Understanding Computers Ch.167 Ethics, Cont’d. Ethical business practices and decision making. Fraudulent reporting and other scandalous activities. Ethically questionable products or services. Vaporware and other ethically questionable misinformation. Workplace monitoring. Cultural considerations.

8 Understanding Computers Ch.168 Computers and Health: Physical Health Common ailments: Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs)—Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Computer vision syndrome (CVS) Headaches, backaches, etc. Ergonomics—fitting a work environment to the people who work there.


10 Understanding Computers Ch.1610 Computers and Health: Physical Health, Cont’d. Workspace design: Permanent workspaces.

11 Understanding Computers Ch.1611 Computers and Health: Physical Health, Cont’d. Workspace design: While on the go and docking stations.

12 Understanding Computers Ch.1612 Computers and Health: Physical Health, Cont’d. Ergonomic hardware: Ergonomic keyboards and mice Keyboard drawers and wrist rests Document holders and antiglare screens Good user habits and precautions (frequent breaks, exercises, computer glasses, etc.).


14 Understanding Computers Ch.1614 Computer Health: Emotional Health Stress of-ever-changing technology Impact of our 24/7 society Information overload Burnout

15 Understanding Computers Ch.1615 Computer Health: Emotional Health, Cont’d. Computer and Internet addiction Computer addiction disorder (CAD) Internet addiction disorder (IAD) Symptoms and treatment

16 Understanding Computers Ch.1616 Access to Technology Digital divide—the gap between those who have access to technology and those who don’t. U.S. digital divide (differences by income, race, geographical area, education, etc.) Global digital divide (differences between countries).

17 Understanding Computers Ch.1617 Access to Technology, Cont’d. Assistive technology Assistive input systems (Braille keyboards, one-handed keyboards, head-pointing systems, etc.) Assistive output systems (screen reading software, Braille displays, Braille printers, etc.


19 Understanding Computers Ch.1619 Environmental Concerns Green computing Eco-labels and environmentally friendly hardware. Alternate power Electronic paper

20 Understanding Computers Ch.1620 Environmental Concerns Recycling and disposal of computing equipment E-trash Recycling options Other options (recharging toner cartridges, donating obsolete equipment, etc.)

21 Understanding Computers Ch.1621 Related Legislation Copyright Term Extension Act Communications Decency Act (overturned) Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 Corporate Responsibility Act of 2002 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act in 1998

22 Understanding Computers Ch.1622 Summary Intellectual property rights Ethics Computers and health Access to technology Environmental concerns Related legislation

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