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Atomic structure.

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1 Atomic structure

2 Atomic Structure

3 The structure of the atom
The Ancient Greeks used to believe that everything was made up of very small particles. I did some experiments in 1808 that proved this and called these particles ATOMS: Dalton ELECTRON – negative, mass nearly nothing PROTON – positive, same mass as neutron (“1”) NEUTRON – neutral, same mass as proton (“1”)

4 The Atom Electron Nucleus Shell or Orbit

5 The Atom Hydrogen Proton Electron
Hydrogen has one proton, one electron and NO neutrons

6 The Atom Helium Proton Electron Neutron
Helium has two electrons, two protons and two neutrons

7 Mass and atomic number 4 He 2 Particle Relative Mass Relative Charge
Proton 1 Neutron Electron -1 MASS NUMBER = number of protons + number of neutrons He 2 4 SYMBOL PROTON NUMBER = number of protons (obviously)

8 The Atom Helium Proton Electron Neutron
Helium has two electrons, two protons and two neutrons

9 The Atom Lithium Electrons Protons Neutrons

10 The Atom Beryllium Electrons Protons Neutrons
Beryllium has four electrons, four protons and five neutrons.

11 The Atom Boron Electrons Protons Neutrons
Boron has five electrons, five protons and six neutrons.

12 The Atom Carbon Electrons Protons Neutrons
Carbon has six electrons, six protons and six neutrons.

13 The Atom Nitrogen Electrons Protons Neutrons
Nitrogen has seven electrons, seven protons and seven neutrons.

14 The Atom Oxygen Electrons Protons Neutrons
Oxygen has eight electrons, eight protons and eight neutrons.

15 The Atom Fluorine Electrons Protons Neutrons
Fluorine has nine electrons, nine protons and ten neutrons.

16 The Atom Neon Electrons Protons Neutrons
Neon has ten electrons, ten protons and ten neutrons.

17 How many protons, neutrons and electrons?
1 11 16 H B O 1 5 8 23 35 238 Na Cl U 11 17 92

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