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Noooooooooo Opener: Wed., 9/14 Write the question AND your answer!

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1 Noooooooooo Opener: Wed., 9/14 Write the question AND your answer!
Make at least 5 observations. Make at least 1 inference— what do you THINK is going on here?

2 Today- Homework check 16.4 Get out Ch 16 Notes !

3 16.3 Water Quality KEY CONCEPT Pollution of Earth’s freshwater supply threatens habitat and health.

4 Indicator species (bioindicator)
Species that provides a sign of ecosystem health! Examples: -amphibians -top predators -fish

5 So... If the population of an indicator species is stable or increasing, what can you say about the conditions of the ecosystem???

6 Water pollution affects ecosystems
Pollution can put entire freshwater ecosystems at risk.

7 Biomagnification = accumulation of toxins in the food chain
Some pollutants move UP food chain predators eat contaminated prey Poln. increases at each trophic level Most affected = top consumers

8 Are humans affected? What foods should we avoid?

9 DDT 1960s Bald Eagles, Osprey, Brown Pelicans almost EXTINCT! DDT biomagnifies, they’re top predators… thinned the egg shells… 

10 Hmmmm... What group is the biggest water polluter in the US?
Industry!! What is the single largest source of water pollution in the US?? Run-off of silt, pesticides and fertilizers!!!

11 And... Why would tertiary consumers have higher concentrations of toxins than primary consumers? How does the biomagnification pyramid compare with the energy pyramid? How are carrying capacity and indicator species related? ... If population of indicator species far below c.c., toxin present?

12 Pair-Share!

13 Homework?

14 LEAD GAME Alternative Website: ARKive, IUCN, Oil Spill

15 16.4 Threats to Biodiversity
KEY CONCEPT The IMPACT of a growing HUMAN population threatens biodiversity.

16 Preserving biodiversity is important to the. future of the biosphere
Preserving biodiversity is important to the future of the biosphere!!! For REAL!! The loss of biodiversity has long-term effects: loss of medical and technological advances extinction of species loss of ecosystem stability

17 Loss of habitat eliminates species
Habitat fragmentation prevents organism from accessing its entire home range barrier forms w/in habitat urban development

18 Habitat corridors are a SOLUTION to the problem!
corridors can be road overpasses or underpasses allow species to move between different areas of habitat

19 Introduced species can disrupt stable relationships in an ecosystem.
Brought to an ecosystem by humans!! accidental purposeful “Invasive” species: environmental & economic impacts Only in SC since 2002 Only in SC since 1994


21 Released from owners, breeding population now present!!!
Invasive species often push out native species Burmese python FL (Everglades) Released from owners, breeding population now present!!!

22 Economic impacts 2. mice (Australia) Stowaway mice from Europe in late 1700’s crops, $65 million in lost revenue!

23 Plants can be invaders also!!!
3. Kudzu (SE U.S.) Introduced as ornamental and to prevent erosion Can grow up to 60’ per growing season Chokes out other plants!!!

24 Hmmmmm... Why is biodiversity important to us???
Food, medicine, economic What type of damage can invasive species cause??

25 High Five Board!

26 20 minute video Make a Chart: Extraction Production Distribution other side of paper: Consumption Disposal Another Way

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