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Nomenclature Unit 6 - Bonding.

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1 Nomenclature Unit 6 - Bonding

2 Types of Ions Monatomic = 1 atom Names
Representative elements TYPICALLY have only one possible charge Names Cations = name of the element Ca2+ = Calcium ion Anions = remove ending, add “–ide” N3- = Nitride

3 These Transition Metals only have ONE charge!!!
Types of Ions Transition metals and some representative elements have more than one charge. There are two ways to name these elements… Fe2+, Fe3+ Cu+, Cu2+ Sn2+, Sn4+ Pb2+, Pb4+ These Transition Metals only have ONE charge!!! Ag+ Zn2+

4 Types of Ions Stock System Latin System
Element name with charge in parentheses (Roman Numerals) Copper (I) = Cu+ Latin System Latin root + suffix - ous = Lower charge - ic = Higher charge Ferric and Ferrous

5 Types of Ions Polyatomic Ions = A charged GROUP of bonded atoms
Acts as ONE UNIT in an ionic bond Cations: Only NH4+ Anions: More common as polyatomics Look at the back of the periodic table!!

6 Naming Ionic Compounds
Cation is always named first (No # prefixes) Cation  take the name of the element Transition metals  use the anion to find the charge of the cation (Roman numeral = charge) Anion Monatomic  end in –ide Polyatomic  name from chart

7 Naming Practice…..Practice…..Practice CaF2 calcium fluoride Li2S
Lithium sulfide FeCl2 Iron (II) chloride FeCl3 Iron (III) chloride

8 Naming PtO2 CuBr Zn3N2 Sn3P2 Platinum (IV) oxide Copper (I) bromide
Zinc (II) nitride (Zn is +2) Sn3P2 Tin (II) phosphide

9 Naming Ternary: Ca(OH)2 Calcium hydroxide NaSCN Sodium thiocyanate
Al2(CrO4)3 Aluminum chromate Mg(NO2)2 Magnesium nitrite

10 Naming NH4Cl Au2(CO3)3 Pb(CN)4 FePO4 Ammonium chloride
Gold (III) carbonate Pb(CN)4 Lead (IV) cyanide FePO4 Iron (III) phosphate

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