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2 What is “Digital Citizenship”?
Digital Citizenship covers 9 areas according to Mike Ribble, an expert in the field. Etiquette Communication Literacy Access Commerce Law Rights and Responsibility Health/Wellness Security

3 Today we will discuss 4 of them.
Privacy - Protect Personal Information Respect - Plagiarism, Downloading Music Appropriately. Self Expression - Create your own ideas. Responsibility - To self, others and community. Technology is a tool : Just like any tool, its uses and misuses can help or hurt you and others.

4 Privacy Protect YOUR personal information and your computer. Social Security Numbers Telephone Numbers Addresses Passwords Schools that you attend Personal Location Clubs / Organizations you belong to Use virus protection and avoid scams, phishing, chain letters ‘Share only what you would want your parents or teachers to see – It follows you your whole life.’

5 ‘Once something has been posted, You can never get it back!’
Respect Respect privacy of others. Posting others’ information or personal pictures is an example of Cyber Bullying. Inappropriate photos may be construed as distribution of pornography. (Felony) This goes not only for the Internet but also cell phones. ‘Once something has been posted, You can never get it back!’

6 Respect, continued: Respect others creative works.
Plagiarism: Must give credit to original creator. Using the works of others’ is “Theft by taking” (the same as stealing from a store). Example: Downloading an artist’s music to use in YOUR own creative project, and then uploading onto the internet without permission, is illegal and a Federal crime punishable by 1 or more years served in prison (Felony). How would you feel if you wrote your own song or poem and someone else publishes it and gets the credit and the money?

7 Self Expression Social Networking is a great way to interact with friends and family. Keeping journals and using blogs. Expressing yourself through creative writing, photos and other pieces of works. However, protect yourself: Use an “Avatar” instead of your original photo and name. Never put out pertinent information that may allow someone to steal YOUR identity or allow someone to track you. SS#, Telephone #, Address, Banking Passwords, etc.

8 ‘If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!!’
Responsibility Be responsible for your own actions and choices when using Social Networks and the Internet. Use Common Courtesy & Common Sense. Give credit where credit is due. Cite appropriately. ‘If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!!’ Remember, you represent : yourself, your family, your school your community.

9 “As Digital Citizens we must empower ourselves to be smart about how we create, communicate, and treat others in our 24/7 digital world as we strive to use technology appropriately.”

10 “Practicing what we preach”
Resources used: es/DigitalCitizenship.aspx

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