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2 The UK is a monarch state, it is made up by four countries: Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Union Jack is the flag of the UK and it is composed by the union of the three flags: The National Flag of England,Scotland and Northern Ireland.

3 ENGLAND England is the largest country of the UK.It borders with Scotland and Wales. Many important people come from England such as Shakespeare,Tolkien and Newton.It is a protestant country. The capital city is London.The main river is the Thames

4 SCOTLAND Scotland has its own church. Edinburgh is the capital city,but the largest city is Glasgow.Bagpipes and kilts are typical of Scotland.In Scotland there are medieval Castles and the Lock Ness Lake.

5 WALES The lagerst religion in Wales is Christianity.Saint David
is the Patron saint of Wales. Cardiff is the capital city.Wales main languages are Welsh and English.The national flag Of Wales is the Red dragon.The Dragon is a very old Welsh symbol.

6 NOTHERN IRELAND It is part of the UK but is not situated in the island of Great Britan.It borders only with the Republic of Ireland.Belfast is the Capital city.Saint Patrick is the patron saint

7 LONDON London is the capital of England and The UK,it ia a major
Tourist attraction.In London there are the Big Ben, the Houses of Parlament and Buckingham palace. In London there are a lot of Parks. The most famous parks are Hyde park, St James’s park And Greenwich park.In London there are London eye,Madame Tussaud’s Tower of London,too. In London there are many Important museums ,such as the British Museum, and The National Gallery.

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