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PAGE 1 Company Proprietary and Confidential Internet Safety and Security Presented January 13, 2014.

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1 PAGE 1 Company Proprietary and Confidential Internet Safety and Security Presented January 13, 2014

2 PAGE 2 Company Proprietary and Confidential Introductions Me: Austin Stroud – Instructional Designer at the Monroe County Public Library Heavy Internet user since the mid-1990s You: Do you use the Internet regularly? If so, what do you use the Internet for? What questions about Internet safety and security do you hope to have answered today?

3 PAGE 3 Company Proprietary and Confidential Needs Assessment Let’s all take a short, multiple-choice assessment to test your current knowledge about Internet safety and security: No pressure, this is just for fun so no worries if you don’t know a lot of the answers. That’s what this program is for! This assessment is adapted from

4 PAGE 4 Company Proprietary and Confidential Passwords Tips For Creating Strong Passwords (from Never use personal information such as your name, birthday, or spouse's name. Personal information is often publicly available, which makes it much easier for someone to guess your password. Use a longer password. Your password should be at least six characters long, and for extra security it should ideally be at least twelve characters (if the site allows it). If you need to write down your passwords, keep them in a secure place. It's even better if you "encrypt" your passwords or just write down hints for them that others won't be able to understand. Don't use the same password for each account. If someone does discover your password for one account, all of your other accounts will be vulnerable. Try to include numbers, symbols and both uppercase and lowercase letters (if the site allows it). Avoid using words that can be found in the dictionary. For example, "swimming1" would be a very weak password. Random passwords are the strongest. Use a password generator ( instead of trying to think of your own. Random passwords are harder to remember, so create a mnemonic device. For example, "H=jNp2#" can be remembered as "HARRY = jessica NOKIA paris 2 #." This may still seem random, but with a bit of practice it becomes relatively easy to The infographic ( I handed out (also from gives more password advice.

5 PAGE 5 Company Proprietary and Confidential Online Security – Phishing Scams We are going to watch this short video about phishing scams from the AARP: Let’s also take a look at this interactive email to see how deceptive phishing scams can be:

6 PAGE 6 Company Proprietary and Confidential Securing Financial Transactions Let’s learn more about ensuring a website is secure before you complete any financial transactions on the Internet: We also can take a look at this interactive tool to see what you should be looking for in a website before inputting any of your sensitive, private information:

7 PAGE 7 Company Proprietary and Confidential Protecting Your Computer Now, we’ll take a look at how to protect your computer from Internet threats by ensuring your computer is protected by anti-virus software and receives regular updates:

8 PAGE 8 Company Proprietary and Confidential Safe Social Networking Stay safe on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more: The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides a full list of resources for learning about your privacy rights in the online environment:

9 PAGE 9 Company Proprietary and Confidential How Secure is Your Information? Let’s all go to on the Internet and search for your own name. Example: My name is Austin Stroud so I will type in Austin Stroud into the search box and click search. Search for your own name instead of What kinds of things did you find (if you feel comfortable sharing)? Were you surprised by what you were able to find about yourself openly on the Internet?

10 PAGE 10 Company Proprietary and Confidential Children Some resources to protect your children on the Internet: – (Internet safety for kids online course) – (Several videos targeted at parents and children for Internet safety and security) – (A game you can play with your children to help them learn about Internet safety and security) – (Internet safety tips for kids from the library)

11 PAGE 11 Company Proprietary and Confidential Additional Resources (A full course on Internet safety and security – we viewed portions of it today) (Microsoft’s family safety website with tips, articles, and tutorials) (A form to help you evaluate websites on the Internet to ensure they are credible/safe)

12 PAGE 12 Company Proprietary and Confidential Questions?

13 PAGE 13 Company Proprietary and Confidential Contact Information

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