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The Religion of Judaism The oldest surviving monotheistic religion.

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1 The Religion of Judaism The oldest surviving monotheistic religion

2 Followers are called Jews. Abraham is considered to be the first Jew.

3 Abraham Because Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all recognize Abraham as their first prophet, they are also called Abrahamic religions. -the father of all three religions

4 Holy Book – Torah (Old Testament) Place of Worship- Synagogue

5 Religious Figures Abraham- father of Jews, founder of Judaism Moses-freed Jews from slavery, 10 commandments –Special respect for Moses as a prophet to whom God gave the law God- called Yahweh –Too holy of a word to speak or write G-D

6 Beliefs Monotheistic. They believed that Yahweh is present everywhere, knew everything and had complete power. Yahweh made a covenant (a binding agreement) with Abraham, and considered themselves God’s “chosen people.” He led his people to Canaan (now Israel.)

7 Beliefs There is one single God who not only created the universe but with whom every Jew can have an individual and personal relationship. Ten Commandments Jews do not believe in the prophets after the Jewish prophets Do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah and the son of God. The Messiah promised in scripture has yet to come

8 Practices and Rituals Obey God’s commandments, live ethically. Focus is more on this life than the next. Synagogue services on Saturday. No pork or other non- Kosher food. Holidays are related to historical events.

9 Holy Cities Jerusalem

10 After Death Not historically emphasized. Beliefs vary from no afterlife to the world to come (similar to Heaven).

11 Number of Members Today Smallest of the three with 14 million followers

12 Spread and Origin Yahweh told Abraham to leave Mesopotamia. He went to Canaan. First temple built in Jerusalem. Babylonians destroyed it and Jews were exiled to Babylon. Later Persians allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild temple. Jews eventually came under Roman control and the 2 nd temple was destroyed (Soloman’s temple). For the next 1800 years, Jews lived outside Jerusalem.

13 Branches Orthodox Conservative Reform

14 Religious Terms Rabbi Synagogue Kosher Bar mitzvah (boys) Bat mitzvah (girls) Yahweh Hanukah

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