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Educational Master Plan 2014-2017. Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 OVERVIEW.

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1 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017

2 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 OVERVIEW


4 How Do We Achieve It? Student Educational Plans…Goal Setting! Pathways to Graduation Over 20 AA-Ts/AS-Ts…and counting + Pre-Law Pathway Transfer Center, Advising, and Career Development Transfer Day! (Mon. Sept. 8 th – more than 30 institutions) Access & Equity – STEM/MESA, Achieving the Dream, SSSP, SEP, Making it Happen/Cal-SOAP Cohort, Habits of Mind, SARS-Alert… Baccalaureate Initiative TRANSFER

5 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 Our Motto: TRANSFER Welcome here; hurry up & get out! (please)

6 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 Focus will be on increasing partnerships with local high schools through career pathways that our CTE programs are organized into Agriculture and Natural Resources Arts, Media, and Communication Business Management and Information Technology Engineering and Industrial Technology Health Services and Public and Human Services CTE and Dual Enrollment

7 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 The Paramount Agriculture Career Academy is a partnership between our agriculture faculty and faculty at Paramount Academy Charter School, McFarland High School, and Wasco Union High School, whereby a student will have the opportunity to obtain 45–60 transferrable college credits and potentially a certificate in Agricultural Business Management, Agricultural Mechanics or Plant Science, while completely their high school studies. CTE and Dual Enrollment

8 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 There is a significant focus on increasing the number of dual enrollment courses, including converting articulated courses to dual enrollment courses. New degree program proposals include drone technology and viticulture CTE and Dual Enrollment

9 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 Current State: Nearly 90% of all incoming community college students arrive unprepared for college-level math, and 75% are not ready for college-level English. Strategies: Leveraging grant funding Compressed and accelerated Math & English courses Redesigned Math & English curriculum Contextualized learning Supplemental Instruction/Supplemental Learning Summer Bridge program BASIC SKILLS

10 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 BASIC SKILLS

11 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 BASIC SKILLS

12 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 BASIC SKILLS Increase Student engagement Critical Academic Skills Workshops (CAS), Supplemental Instruction, Student Success Labs, Tutoring Writing Center and Math lab Habits of the Mind Classroom interventions and Mentors SARS alert

13 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 BASIC SKILLS Decrease Student time to completion Better placement –multiple measures, new placement test Remediation/Retest Faster remediation 2 years to complete the degree - when college ready Make a difference in the number of students who succeed Connect earlier in the pipeline- CalSOAP & Outreach It’s Possible – One day Matriculation Events Increase outcomes Predictive Analytics

14 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 BASIC SKILLS Equity Big Tent for Equitable Student Success – Hispanic Serving Institution EOPS, AAMP, MESA and STEM ASTEP- African-American Success through Excellence and Persistence Umoja? Puente?

15 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 BASIC SKILLS

16 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 BASIC SKILLS

17 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 Pre-Collegiate Summary of Hispanic Success Data Among Five Similarly-sized Community Colleges within the Valley Antelope Valley College BC College of the Sequoias Merced Community College Modesto Junior College Percent of Hispanic Students 36.6% 53.9%55.3% 48.2%37.2% Successful Completion SPAR of College Prepared Hispanic Students 63.1% 69.1%69.3 % 63.3%57.1% Successful Completion by Under-prepared Hispanic Students 36.3%35.5% 33.0%28.7%34.5% Percent of Successful Transfer that were Hispanic Students 30.0% 37.0% 33.0% 31.0%28.0% Number of Transfer Students all ethnicities 551 759 567381623 BASIC SKILLS

18 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 BASIC SKILLS Completion Success Data Basic Skills Progress Data CCSSE – Perception Data Equity Data SSSP- Student Service Data

19 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 RURAL COMMUNITIES Rural Community UnemploymentPoverty RatesHigh School Graduate or higher age 25+ Delano36%31.3%53.1% McFarland30%34.9%41.8% Wasco25%28.4%52.8% Arvin37%36.3%36.7% Lamont25%29.7%36.4% Kern County 12.3%22.5%71.6% Need: Bleak unemployment; poverty; and education rates

20 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 Beyond Bakersfield College Create a college going culture Workforce training programs Adult academic and career skills needed for education and employment Student services and support The initiative is to move people out of poverty RURAL COMMUNITIES

21 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017 CLOSURE

22 Educational Master Plan 2014-2017

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