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Overview of Activities of Twining Partnership VIETNAM - KOREA N.M. HANG, Office 33.

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1 Overview of Activities of Twining Partnership VIETNAM - KOREA N.M. HANG, Office 33

2 Purpose:  Promote the transfer of best practices and experience from Korea to Vietnam related to contaminated soil management;  Identify regulatory gaps related to contaminated soil monitoring in Vietnam;  Develop recommendations to strengthen on regulations on contaminated soil monitoring practices;  Build the capacity of key practitioners and stakeholders in Vietnam; and  Facilitate linkages with Asian counterparts.

3 - There are 3 hotspots contaminated by herbicides/dioxin sprayed by the US during 1961 to 1971 with very high level. They are Bien Hoa, Da Nang and Phu Cat. Dioxin impact to human and environment is still continuing. - However, just recently MONRE has approved Regulation soil monitoring procedures in Aug. 2011. - There is no official regulations, handbook with regarding to contaminated soil; such as soil considered as contaminated is not yet identified while 16 substances are considered as causes of soil contamination in Korea.

4 1. Component 1: Information Gathering, Initial Assessment and Scoping 2. Component 2: Observational Program 3. Component 3: Legal and Technical Recommendations


6  Launching a twinning partnership between MONRE and MOEK  To discuss the work plan objectives, expected outputs, activities and roles and responsibilities of twinning partnership  Exchange views on legal and policy framework to promote effective soil contamination management and contaminated soil monitoring  Identify objectivies, scope, intent and framework of the new regulation/guideline on contaminated soil monitoring  Develop a draft agenda for an observational program to Korea to further exchange information and experience on contaminated soil monitoring

7  South Korea Soil Environment Conservation Act: both for soil and contaminated soil (control of specific contaminated areas, evaluation of remediation, risk assessment,…  Rapid assessment framework for environmental soil contamination monitoring system in Viet Nam: limitations and priorities to improve soil contamination in Viet Nam.  Experts groups has visited Da Nang airbase to understand about the situation of dioxin contamination in Viet Nam  Both sides agreed that development of a guideline for survey on soil suspect contamination should be prioritized


9  Overview of drafting process for developing the laws, implementing regulations, standards and technical guidelines with a focus on how KMOE evaluated best practices from other countries and jurisdictions, and the deliberation process of the group formulating laws, policies, standards, etc.  Overview of the institutional arrangements, roles and responsibilities of MOE and local governments related to implementation of the soil monitoring survey and remediation process, including visiting a selected local government to discuss their roles and responsibilities  Discussion on development and implementation of relevant technical guidelines on contaminated soil monitoring  Case studies to demonstrate the overall process of monitoring contaminated sites per the Soil Environment Conservation Act (e.g., detailed soil survey), including site identification, site evaluation, site remediation and long-term monitoring. Discussion topics should include roles and responsibilities of MOE, local governments, polluters, private sector remediation organizations, etc.; technical requirements; challenges and solutions; etc.  Role of private sector and other relevant organizations (e.g., Keco and KEITI) related to contaminated soil management  Background on land use categories in Korea  Visit local government to demonstrate their implementation roles and responsibilities in contaminated soil management (visit could relate to case study)  Understand various technical resources and capabilities, including laboratory, monitoring network (and stations), etc.


11  Soil Environment Conservation Act included stipulation on organization and activity on soil environment monitoring has been issued in Korea.  The soil environment contamination is linked to waterground pollution control. This task is identified at functions and responsibility of National Management Authorities and Environment Monitoring Stations.  Soil and Waterground Environment Monitoring Systems are connected from Center to Local; monitoring parameters and its methods are consistent.  Environment Monitoring Stations in Korea are set up long with main rivers. These stations will help National Management Authorities to follow up on time status of environment.  Korea Environmental Research Organizations also have participation on pollution control, soil and water ground environment monitoring throughout research program and or environmental monitoring/pollution control tasks. This combination helps saving resources and improving the effectiveness of environment pollution control.  Resources for contamination control are partly from Nation, partly from enterprises and other private sectors.

12  Exchange views on the draft technical guidelines on contaminated soil monitoring with experts from Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam;  Conduct technical discussion on contaminated soil; and  Discuss next steps of the partnership and cooperation with counterparts.

13  First day: + Lessons learned on Policy and Legal Framework on Soil Contamination Management from Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and future Directions + Completion of Technical Guideline of Survey on Soil suspect contamination  Second day: International experts introduce recent advances in technical guidance/guidelines on soil contamination and principles of consideration as contaminant


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