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Communication and dissemination of indicators Soong Sup Lee, World Bank.

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1 Communication and dissemination of indicators Soong Sup Lee, World Bank

2 Topics References – UNECE – IMF GDDS & SDDS – World Bank practices Selected dimensions of data dissemination – National vs. International statistics – High frequency data requirements Relevant Issues – Communication objectives – What is the message? – Defining the audience – Communication vehicles – Data presentations – Maintaining credibility Communication & dissemination of indicators 2

3 UNECE focuses on issues such as: communicating with the media managing customer relationships and outreach gathering and analysing feedback statistical literacy managing the dissemination and communication functions within a statistical organization Communication & dissemination of indicators 3

4 UNECE Resources & Meetings Making Data Meaningful guides (2006 and 2009) Communicating with the Media: A guide for statistical organisations (2004) A guide to the websites of national and international statistical organizations (2001) Best practices in designing websites for dissemination of statistics (2001) Recommendations on formats relevant to the downloading of statistical data from the Internet (2001) Reports from work sessions on communication and dissemination since 2000 Communication & dissemination of indicators 4

5 IMF General Data Dissemination System – The GDDS provides recommendations on good practice, based on current practices of agencies compiling and disseminating data in countries. – For users, the GDDS can provide a valuable body of information regarding the state of statistical development and plans for improvement of participating countries. – The detailed metadata also provide users with a tool to better assess the usefulness of the data for their own particular purposes. Communication & dissemination of indicators 5

6 IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard – The SDDS was established by the IMF to guide members in the provision of their economic and financial data to the public. – The data dimension lists 18 data categories that provide coverage for the four sectors of the economy, and it prescribes the periodicity and timeliness with which data for these categories are to be disseminated. Communication & dissemination of indicators 6

7 Selected dimensions to address National versus international statistics Special requirements for high frequency indicators Communication & dissemination of indicators 7

8 National versus International National statistics – prioritize the information needs of a country’s government, researchers, businesses and citizens – prioritize temporal comparability International statistics – typically look at global and regional trends – prioritize cross country comparability Communication & dissemination of indicators 8

9 High frequency indicators Higher speed of publishing Shorter shelf life More volatile More need for seasonal adjustments or normalization – e.g. weekly jobless claims Communication & dissemination of indicators 9

10 What are the relevant issues? Communication objectives What is the message? Defining the audience Communication vehicles Distribution Maintaining credibility 10 Communication & dissemination of indicators

11 Objectives of communication Meet mandated information requirements which are: – Timely – Accurate – Objective – Transparent Communication & dissemination of indicators 11

12 What is the message? Convey information which is easily understood UNECE’s Making Data Meaningful Part 1: A guide to writing stories about numbers – Poor: “The largest contributor to the monthly increase in the CPI was a 0.5% rise in the transportation index.” – Better: “Higher auto insurance premiums and air fares helped push up consumer prices this month.” Communication & dissemination of indicators 12

13 Audience Who are they? How do they use data? What indicators are needed? Communication & dissemination of indicators 13

14 Determining user requirements Surveys, focus groups Web traffic measurement Scan media coverage Scan citations if feasible Help Desk Feedback Communication & dissemination of indicators 14

15 Communication vehicles Direct – Websites – Publications – Press conferences Indirect – Media coverage – Research – Data distributors Communication & dissemination of indicators 15

16 Data presentations Different formats and tools for different audiences – Publications – Press releases – In-depth reports – Blogs – Charts and maps – Self service data query systems web search Communication & dissemination of indicators 16

17 New at the World Bank Google Public data – US Census Bureau, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, World Bank World Development Indicators Principle Global Indicators – Data to facilitate monitoring of economic and financial developments for G-20 economies – BIS, EC, Eurostat, IMF, OECD, UN, WB Communication & dissemination of indicators 17

18 Establishing and maintaining credibility Professional practices – UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics Predictable and reliable practices – Data release calendar – Transparent practices (handling data errors) – Web site maintenance – User support Communication & dissemination of indicators 18

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