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 Education & training  Business & finance  Architecture & construction.

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2  Education & training  Business & finance  Architecture & construction

3  Education & training  Business & finance  Health sciences

4 Security Co-Workers Accomplishment I want to know I will have a job when I wake up in the morning. I want to get along with the people I work with. I want to know that I have done a good job at the end of the day and that I have helped others.

5  I would like to become a secondary education teacher when I graduate high school  I enjoy working with kids & I am knowledgeable in business  I also want to coach a sport and this type of career allows me to do so

6  Middle school and high school teachers have the following job tasks: › Instruct students › Manage classroom › Adhere to federal and state education standards › Grade assignments › Develop mentor-like relationships with students to provide support in their academics

7  Working conditions for teachers are very good › Well-lit › Advanced technology › Climate controlled › Safe environment

8  Teachers in Ohio have a starting salary around $27,000 a year.  They can earn more money based on tenure and education.  Currently, the job outlook is around a 2% increase per year so there are not a lot of job openings expected in 2013

9  Require a Bachelor’s degree in Education and in content area  Additional training and education such as Master’s degree may be needed after a few years as a teacher  Take business related courses in high school and in college  Work in a corporate setting during a summer internship

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11  I used the following sources to gather information about my presentation: › › ›

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