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Using Blended Learning Daniel Oprish. Big changes for the US Army.

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1 Using Blended Learning Daniel Oprish

2 Big changes for the US Army

3 The U.S Army Learning Concept for 2015 (ALC 2015) was born. The main tenets of ALC 2015 are:  collaborative experiences  tailor the learning  reduce lectures  use technology to enhance learning

4 What is blended learning?

5 As the US Army continues to change the way it trains and educates Soldiers and leaders, new techniques and methodologies are being tried. Why was there a NEED for blended learning in the organization.

6 What RESEARCH suggests that BL is an effective alternative to classroom instruction? What research organization or people developed a solution to this problem or need? What were their findings? Who were the “lead thinkers” for this innovation, and how did they convince a manufacturer to produce it?

7 DEVELOPMENT (history) of BL What problems did your innovation encounter in the development process? Who was the intended audience for your innovation?

8 How was BL COMMERCIALIZED? Describe the production, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and distribution of your innovation

9 Timeline Need Research Development Commercialization

10 S-shaped curve of adoption Explain when it was introduced, how far it has matured, and the rate of adoption over time.

11 Perceived Attributes of Innovations Who would you expect to be (or who are) the innovators and early adopters in your field of work for the innovation you are exploring? What strategies are the most persuasive in convincing them to adopt the innovation? Who do you think would be (or who are) the laggards in terms of rejecting the innovation? What strategies would be best to help move them toward adoption? Which combination of perceived attributes would be best for helping your innovation meet critical mass in your industry

12 Critical Mass and Change Agents Do you believe a centralized or decentralized approach would work best for the adoption of the innovation you are proposing to the Board of Directors? Who will you recommend as key change agents in your organization, and how can the seven roles of a change agent be used in your organization to effect positive social change? Has the innovation you are proposing to the Board already met critical mass in society? If it has not met critical mass, which of the four strategies for achieving critical mass do you recommend to the Board for your innovation?

13 Organizational Innovations Reflect on what you discovered about the role of the champion in order to set the agenda for your organization by: Defining the need for your innovation, and Matching your innovation to that need.

14 References Alonso, F.; Manrique, D.; Martinez, L.; Vines, J.M. (2011). How Blended Learning Reduces Underachievement in Higher Education: An Experience in Teaching Computer Sciences. IEEE Transactions On Education, 54(3), 471-478. Banerjee, G. (2011). Blended environments: learning effectiveness and student satisfaction at a small college in transition. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 15(1), 8-20. The U.S. Army Learning Concept for 2015 (2011). Retrieved from

15 General Considerations Your presentation is developed in a way that it can persuade the Board that the innovation will have a significant impact and create positive change in your industry.

16 Mechanics of the Multimedia Presentation Graphics, Tables, and Pictures are used effectively to demonstrate concepts. At least five links are included to websites of videos and/or multimedia resources on YouTube, TeacherTube, or other sources that provide information on your innovation. Written words are used as needed, but do not dominate the presentation. Narration is included in your PowerPoint® or video that flows smoothly and provides insight into your topic. Best practices for a PowerPoint® or video are effectively used (effects, transitions, font sizing, color). Transcript of narration is included meeting ADA requirements.

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