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JPI "Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans” A New Frontier ERRIN, December 8 th,2011 Rudy Herman.

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1 JPI "Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans” A New Frontier ERRIN, December 8 th,2011 Rudy Herman

2 Content 1.What is a JPI ? 2.Policy context 3.Vision & Governance 4.International Dimension 5.Next steps

3 The JPI added value Not a new EU FP Instrument High-level commitment MS policy driven Long term perspective & capacity building Different typologies of actions, EOOS, KIC, In-kind (85%), funds, networks..- FP8 Variable geometry (global approach vs local solutions) Stakeholders participation (multi-sectorial) Science to policy mechanism Common strategic agenda Visibility

4 WHY a JPI Respond to societal and policy needs (EU 2020/Innovation Union…, Com (534)2008, Through a partnership approach JPI is a long process..a leg to build the ERA towards providing knowledge-based solutions to Grand challenges BONUS JPI OCEANS ?? ? ?

5  An Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union (2007)  MSFD/GES, Marine Spatial Planning  Maximising the value of the maritime economy  A Marine and Maritime research strategy (2009)  EU 20-20 Objectives and Flagship Initiatives (rescource,, innovation, international,..)  Plus, international scheme for greenhouse gas emissions Responding to policy needs

6 JPI Oceans - Grand Challenges  Enable the advent of a knowledge based maritime economy, maximising its value in a sustainable way  Ensure Good Environmental Status of the seas and optimise planning of activities in the marine space  Optimise mitigation of climate change impacts on maritime sectors and coastal areas Source: NASA Goddard Photo, Arcitic July 14th 2011

7 Vision - Systemic change JPI identified broad cross thematic/sectoral interdisiplinary marine environment, climate change and human activities.

8 Policy makers & Society Target Groups Industry & Services Researchers & Technologists HOW: Economy-Science-Governance interface The JPI will foster a science-policy-industry P-P-P-dialog, bringing stakeholders into the governance structure

9 AreaPolitical driver Economic and Societal driver JPI Impact TG1 TG2 TG3 GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL STATUS MSFD Legal obligation which needs long-term scientific monitoring/ data related to the identified 11 indicators and the integrated approach assupport to policy HighTG3 MARITIME SECTORS Innovation Union, COM (2010) 546Integrated Maritime Policy COM (2007) 575 MSP in the EU, COM (2010) 771 The increasing demand of the maritime space challenges the growth of maritime economies, as shipping, offshore energy, ports, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism and environmental concerns Medium TG1 TG3 Drivers and Target Groups

10 COUNTRIES INVOLVED 16 Participating countries Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, UK, Denmark, Holland, Turkey, Romania, Iceland,, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Norway EC: non-voting member status Observers: BONUS Secretariat in Brussels All European Seabasins

11 Governance structure Secretariat Management Board (high level MS/AC representatives) Executive committee (MS/AC representatives) Strategic Advisory Board Strategic Implementation Agenda Variable Geometry Action Plan Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda

12 Science to policy mechanism why  No pan-European mechanism – global context  Long-term 10 yrs+/-  Regional specificities (cover all seabasins)  In particular MSFD and Marine Spatial planning ESA Envisat's Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) on 14 June 2008, Resolution mode to provide a spatial resolution of 300 m

13 Roadmap2011-2012  20 september: Endorsement of Vision document, Mapping, Terms of Reference by the Management Board  CSA (FP7) to support the JPI OCEANS (build a durable interface science-economy-policy in order to develop a credible SRIA)  to establish executive and advisory structures, to provide the procedures for the continuous development and implementation of a strategic research innovation agenda (SRIA) to be adopted by the MB itself on a variable geometry  20. september 1st MB  CSA Oceans submitted on December 1st  2012: Establish STAB meeting (CSA)

14 Thank you for the attention Rudy Herman “A New Frontier”

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