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Overfishing and Bycatching By: Abby, Raine, Allie, and Emma.

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1 Overfishing and Bycatching By: Abby, Raine, Allie, and Emma

2 What is Bycatching? Why is it a problem? ● Bycatching is : “the unwanted fish and other marine creatures caught during commercial fishing for a different species” (google definitions) ●When fisherman target a specific item to catch and end up getting animals that they didn’t mean to get and don’t need. ●This is a problem because innocent creatures are being killed or injured because they are caught in the nets. ●This can cause problems not only for marine life, but for the fisherman too! ●Their equipment can get damaged and their catches can be reduced.

3 Ocean Pollution Some of the types of pollution that cause the most harm are: ● pesticides, bottle caps, soda cans, six pack plastic rings, oil, chemicals. ●Ocean pollution is a major problem for humans, animals, and other living things on Earth. ●Some ways it can harm living things are that it can give cancer, kill, cause reproductive changes, behavioral abnormalities, and a lot more.

4 Overfishing and why its a problem This is a problem because if marine species die out, the ecosystem will be damaged, which will result in mass extinction. ● Overfishing is ¨to fish excessively; to use up the supply of usable fish¨ ● or catching too many fish making it so that marine life can’t keep up their population.

5 The Video: ***Stop at 6 minute mark ● Start at 1:10 and end at 2 min

6 Pollution effects on Life ●People can prevent this by creating water treatment plants and sewage plants. Also, they can recycle more and make sure they don’t litter! ●This is important because it will keep trash from polluting the Earth and our groundwater that we drink every day and to stop hurting or killing plants and animals that are endangered and to prevent endangerment to happen. ●You fix this by trying to be more green in your everyday life: reducing, reusing, and recycling and remember no ocean dumping!


8 Bibliography ● ● ● em.php em.php ● Disney/Pixar Animation Studios ● ● ● ● SECORE SECORE www.secore.org640 × 480Search by imagewww.secore.org640 × 480Search by image... Polluted reef (Dirk Petersen)

9 Thanks For Watching!

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