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National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS)

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1 National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS)
Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Tourism

2 Purpose The purpose is to inform Parliament on progress on the implementation of the NTSS 2

3 Introduction: Strategic Objectives
Theme 1: Tourism & the Economy To grow the tourism sector’s absolute contribution to the economy To provide excellent people development and decent work within the tourism sector To increase domestic tourism’s contribution to the tourism economy To contribute to the regional tourism economy 3

4 Introduction: Strategic Objectives
Theme 2: Visitor Experience & the Brand To deliver a world - class visitor experience To entrench a tourism culture amongst South Africans To position South Africa as a globally recognized tourism destination brand 4

5 Introduction: Strategic Objectives
Theme 3: Sustainability & Good Governance To achieve transformation within the tourism sector To address the issue of geographic, seasonal and rural spread To promote responsible tourism practices within the sector To unlock local government tourism economic development potential 5

6 Progress on Implementation of NTSS
Delivery Mechanism (National Stakeholder Forum): launched 29 June 2011 Resulting in process for alignment between government and private sector NTSS actions identified (short, medium and long term) for MIPTECH Working Groups (national and provincial level implementation) Business, Knowledge and Communicators Forum Monitoring and Evaluation: Cluster sub-committees currently being constituted Matrix in place 6

NTSS Implementation – Structural Arrangement NATIONAL TOURISM STAKEHOLDER FORUM (NTSF) MONITORING CLUSTER SUB-COMMITTEES Policy, strategy, regulations, governance, and monitoring & evaluation Tourism growth and development – Demand & Supply People Development Enablers DELIVERY SECTOR SUB-FORUMS Business Government Knowledge Labour, NGO & CBO Communicators 7

8 Progress on Implementation of NTSS Cont…
The NTSS Implementation Delivery Mechanism structural arrangement (slide 7) – is a result of extensive long debate between all stakeholders, and a comprise by all. Short term NTSS Actions identified are already being implemented through the: Annual Performance Plan of the National Department of Tourism (NDT) and South African Tourism (SAT) MIPTECH Working Groups Sector Sub-Forums Progress report to Cluster Sub-Committee meetings and the National Tourism Stakeholder Forums. 8

9 Sector Sub-forum Programme of Work CLUSTER 1 - Policy, strategy, regulations, governance, and monitoring and evaluation THRUST ACTIONS SECTOR SUB-FORUM Research, Information and Knowledge Management Enhance the capacity of the research and knowledge management Develop a database of all tourism assets, and explore mechanisms and ways of promoting the registration Finalise the e-library Implement electronic and other means of determining passenger movements Develop a national web-based and/or mobile/cell-based system for visitors to complete visitor satisfaction forms Track industry competitiveness Develop a tourism index to monitor the overall performance of the industry on an ongoing basis Government, Business, Knowledge Groups Government, Business Government, Business, Knowledge Groups, and Labour,NGO’s,CGO’s Government, Business, Knowledge Government, Knowledge Group Policy and legislative framework Create a legislative and regulatory environment for tourism development and promotion Develop measures to ensure tourism resilience and crisis management Government, Collaborative partnerships Formalise structures for collaboration and interaction between the public and private sector at national and provincial government level Government, Knowledge Group, business 9

10 Monitoring & Evaluation Matrix
Indicators Targets Sub-Indicators and Targets Institution Responsible for reporting Source for verification Frequency of Reporting Target Date Progress Challenges Intervention Measures GDP Increase in tourism GDP levels Industry (direct impact) NDT / StatsSA TSA/ WTTC Reports Annually Economy (direct and indirect impact) NDT/ StatsSA Foreign visitor arrivals Increase in foreign visitor arrivals African air arrivals African land arrivals Intercontinental arrivals Total foreign arrivals SAT/ StatsSA Tourism Migration Reports / SAT Quarterly reports Quarterly Domestic tourism Increase in number of domestic tourists Number of adult travellers [by living standards measure (LSM)] Total number of trips SAT Domestic Reports 10

11 Progress on Implementation of NTSS … Cont
Sector sub-forum meetings underway to reprioritise activities, identify representatives for Cluster Sub-Committees and prepare reports in line with the M&E Matrix Knowledge Group, Business and Communicators Sector sub-Forums already met 11

12 Recommendation It is recommended that the Portfolio Committee notes progress in the implementation of the National Tourism Sector Strategy. 12


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