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By Norah Madaya At the PARIS21 Meeting 30 March 2012.

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1 By Norah Madaya At the PARIS21 Meeting 30 March 2012

2 Outline 1. UBOS Mandate & the NSS 2. Strategic framework of the PNSD 3. PNSD implementation 4. Best Practices 5. What next

3 About UBOS and the NSS  By Act of Parliament (1998), UBOS was created as a semi- autonomous statistical agency to be the Principal data collecting and disseminating agency, also responsible for coordinating, monitoring and supervising the National Statistical System (NSS). The NSS consist of the policies, principles, procedures and practices that govern statistical production; and the actors (Producers, Suppliers, Users of statistics, and Research & training institutions). The NSDS focus is the NSS

4 Board of Directors Executive Director DED – Corporate Affairs DED - Statistical Development D D D- Coordination DD Implementation Structure for the NSDS Staff Committee Audit Committee Technical Committee

5 The PNSD (nee NSDS) The Plan for National Statistical Development is a 5 year plan (2006/07 – 2010/11) for Strengthening statistical capacity for statistical development dand 16 Sectoral Statistics Plans The PNSD and SSPSs have expired. Updating process on going.

6 Mainstreamed Sectors Phase 1 Ministry of Health (MoH) Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES), Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries (MAAIF), Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry (MTTI), Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), Bank of Uganda (BOU), Uganda Police Force (UPF), Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development (MGLSD) and UBOS (9) Phase 2 Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Ministry of Water and Environment Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Uganda National Council for Science and Technology Uganda Revenue Authority Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development Development Network for Voluntary Associations (7) Phase III Ministry of Works and Transport Uganda Prisons Service Local Governments & Higher Local governments (3 MDAs) + 10 Local Governments


8 Mission for the NSS To build a Coherent, Reliable, Efficient and Demand-driven NSS that Supports Management and Development Initiatives

9 Strategic Objectives PNSD 1. Promote Statistical Advocacy 2. Organisational and and Institutional Development 3. Statistical, IT and Physical Infrastructure Development 4. HR Management & Development 5. Statistical Development & Management 6. Coordination of Censuses & Surveys 7. Data Dissemination & Policy Reform **Revised PNSD/SSPS SO1.Strengthening Coordination and Management in the National Statistical System SO2. Developing and managing human resources for statistical production SO3. Strengthening statistical development in the NSS.

10 A World Class Statistical System Developed A Coherent, Reliable, Efficient and Demand-driven NSS that Supports Management and Development Initiatives developed Harmonised & Coordinated NSS Established and Operational Develop or Strengthen Capacity for Statistical Development Sectoral Capacity for Collection, Analysis Dissemination & Utilization of Statistics Strengthened Set up Statistical Development Structure Statistical Development Demand-driven Statistics Generated and Disseminated Activities Outputs Outcome Goal Results Framework of the PNSD

11 An approved Sector Strategic Plan for Statistics Signed Memorandum of Understanding between UBOS & the respective implementing sector Opening of special accounts for Statistics by each sector with the Central Bank Approval of the sectoral workplans and budgets by the UBOS Planning Committee Development of financial and technical performance monitoring tools, then, Disbursement of funds to the Agencies THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA Pre- requisites to Implementation; email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414

12 Supporting Structures: A PNSD Team from within UBOS constituted of senior staff from Directorates of Coordination, Economic, and Social Statistics Inter Agency Committee (IAC), supported by Sub Committees with each made up of Technical Working Groups Sector Statistics Committees THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA The PNSD Implementation; email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414

13 Promoting appreciation of statistics among planners, and decision makers across the agencies, Technical Working Groups, and Users. Strengthening ongoing statistical programmes; new statistical programmes (0il, gender, environment, earnings); identification of user needs and filling data gaps, reviewing and updating instruments. Undertaking of Inventories for: Data, IT infrastructure, software and GIS facility and re-tooling. Enhancement of manpower through recruitment of contract staff, motivation of the staff through various individual and group training, study tours, mentoring, and volunteers Production and dissemination of MDA statistical products – Abstracts, Digests, Bulletins THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA; email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414 …Implementation

14 Reporting Sectoral progress reports -Quarterly Bi- annual Review reports PNSD Bulletin - Quarterly Annual Review Report Mid term Review - 3 yrs THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA …….Implementation; email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414

15 Sharing a common Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives, Institutionalisation of Statistical Coordination structure in the UBOS Organogram. Integration of a ‘Statistics Sector’ Chapter in the National Development plan and Budget. Establishment of Institutional arrangements for development and management of Statistics in the NSS i.e. at intra-organisational (Board committees, inter agency and sector statistics committees) Integration of budgets for statistics in most Sectoral budgets THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA Best Practices (1); email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414

16 Signing of MOUs between UBOS and other Sectors to show commitment. Production of harmonising standard tools: eg. Compendium of Statistical concepts, definitions and standards National Metadata dictionary and some sectoral dictionaries Code of Conduct (to be approved) Guideline for Quality statistical production Guidelines for administrative data compilation Self Assessment tools which are being tested now. Integration of SSPS activities in the main stream strategic plan and MDA annual work plan e.g. BOU, MHLUD,MGLSD. THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA Best Practices (2); email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414

17 Development of MDA statistics Web pages. Development of the Long Term Census and Survey programme Collaboration with country wide Universities for Capacity Building in Local Governments Mainstreaming gender statistics into all data production processes Manpower development for compilation, and analysis of data through group training. Harmonisation of key indicators aligned to the National Development Plan, National Monitoring and Integrated Strategy, Mid Term Expenditure Framework THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA Best Practices (3); email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414

18 Best Practices (4) Champions at all stages of the process – design, advocacy, implementation, management. Documentation of processes is critical for the process. Participatory and inclusive approaches such as linking technocrats within the NSO with specialised subject areas in MDAs Production of Annual Sectoral Statistical Abstracts has driven allocation of funds to statistics in the sectors. Emphasis of the concept and function of a ‘SYSTEM’ with inter related parts, culture, norms, and values.

19 Advocacy Setting up structures Road map Training Design of SSPS Integration of SSPS PNSD devt & Implementation Monitoring Mid term evaluation Final review and Update PNSD Cycle UBOS & MDAs

20 As noted, the PNSD and SSPSs have expired. Arrangements to update are underway. Modality will be similar to the PNSD cycle but focus will be on: Harmonisation of Statistical production with development, policy, Budget and M&E frameworks Coordination of efforts across the NSS Quality Assurance through self assessment followed by audits. Meeting User needs and assessing satisfaction. Engendering of Statistics in the NSS THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA What next?; email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414

21 Funding for the PNSD Design

22 Implementation funding

23 Design (2005/06) World Bank – TFSCB – Design 50% DFID - Technical support 30% AfDB – Technical Support 3% Uganda Government - 17% Implementation (2007/to date) DFID 60% UNICEF 3% GoU 35% UNFPA - 2% THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA Funding; email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414

24 Thank you THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA END; email:; Tel:256 414 706000; Fax: 256 414


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