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Finding information on the DCSD Online Catalog (Search Terminal) By K. Pisarik.

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1 Finding information on the DCSD Online Catalog (Search Terminal) By K. Pisarik

2 To look at the online catalog, (search terminal) go to library’s computers. If the Internet is not open click on Netscape 7.2. The home page is our search screen.

3 On a student search terminal: Decide on the best type of search.

4 How do you search using the DCSD online catalog? What kinds of searches should you use if: If you don’t know the exact title? You know the title? the author? If you want to get more books on a topic? Boolean search/Wild card * (Shift + 8)

5 When do you use a wild card? When you want books about all forms of a word: Dog* gives you:Dogwood DogsDogfish Doggie Doghouse

6 When do you NOT use a wild card? Cat* gives you: Cats Catnip CatfishCaterpiller Cattail Catalogue Catherine Catastrophe Caution Cation

7 When you find books you want, write down the call number. Use the paper and pencil in the box beside each computer to write down the call number of the material you want.

8 What’s a call number? Letters or numbers that identify the type and location of an item. What items does this call number identify? PB = F = SC = B = MAG =

9 What’s the call number for non- fiction books? It depends on the books topic. Look at your bookmark and answer: What does this call number mean? (in general) 100-900? 920? What comes after 920? B? What comes after B?

10 Dewey Decimal Numbers 001- 099 Generalities 800 – 899 Literature 100 – 199Philosophy 900 – 919 Geography 200 – 299Religion 920 - Group Biography 300 – 399Social ScienceB – Bio.../Autobio... 400 – 499Languages 921-999 History 500 – 599 Math /Science 600 – 699 Applied Science/Technology 700 – 799 Arts/Recreation

11 What’s the call number for Biography/Autobiography ? B Was Ken AdlKen

12 What items do you find in the Reference section? Call # R Almanacs (facts, statistics, records) Atlases (maps) Dictionaries (foreign, thesauri, English) General encyclopedias (World Book) Subject encyclopedias (art, music, celebrations, animals, Eleanor R.!)

13 Award Books - Call # AW Where are award books located? Which award books are included ? Newbery Awards - poster Iowa Children’s Choice Awards – top shelves Iowa Teen Awards – Shelf by circulation desk

14 Our Media Center Policies Books - 3 weeks ------- Renewals – 2 times Magazines – 1 week ------- No renewals Reference – overnight --Renewals – 2 times

15 Now you have the key for information on the scavenger hunt!

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