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Resources and Environmental Challenges Pictures and Definitions for Unit 10 Vocabulary.

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1 Resources and Environmental Challenges Pictures and Definitions for Unit 10 Vocabulary

2 Biomass

3 Organic matter, especially plant matter, that can be converted to fuel

4 Chemical Energy

5 The part of the energy in a substance that can be released by a chemical reaction

6 conduction

7 The transfer of heat between 2 parts of a stationary system caused by the temperature difference between the 2 parts.

8 convection

9 The transfer of heat by circulation or movement of the heated parts of a liquid or a gas

10 Coral reef

11 Reef: a ridge of rocks/and or sand at or near the surface of the water. Coral Reef: A reef composed mainly of coral and other organic matter some of which gets solidified into limestone.

12 deforestation

13 The intentional clearing of trees from a forest

14 ethanol

15 The technical name for alcohol that is used as an additive or replacement for petroleum based fuels.

16 external energy sources

17 Outside processes or elements that provide the earth with energy. The sun, tides, and radioactive decay.

18 mechanical energy

19 Energy in a mechanical system Kinetic (moving) + potential (stored) = usable energy released

20 non-renewable energy sources

21 Energy sources that cannot be replenished in a short period of time.

22 nuclear energy

23 A way of creating energy that comes from splitting uranium atoms. The process of splitting atoms is called fission.

24 ozone

25 A molecule containing 3 oxygen atoms instead of 2. It is formed by electrical discharge combined with ultraviolet light


27 The act of making air, water or land unsafe

28 radiation

29 Energy transferred by electromagnetic waves

30 thermal energy

31 Total kinetic energy in all the particles of a substance; also called heat energy

32 hydroelectic energy

33 Electricity generated using the power of falling water to turn turbines, usually associated with dams

34 stratosphere

35 A layer of the Earth’s atmosphere reaching from 16 – 50 kilometers above the surface

36 Renewable energy

37 Usable energy that comes from resources which are continuously replenished

38 tides

39 Movement of surface water caused by the sun and moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth

40 waves

41 Movement of surface water that contains usable energy

42 Geothermal energy

43 Energy obtained from thermal energy inside Earth

44 solar energy

45 Energy from the sun in the form of heat and light

46 Fossil fuels

47 Fuels that have been formed by organic remains of plants and animals

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