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What is Multiculturalism?

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1 Learning About Canada’s Diversity – Defining Cultural, Social and Physical Imprints

2 What is Multiculturalism?
16% of Canada’s people were born in another country Immigrants who settle in Canada are encouraged to retain their traditions and language while becoming part of the larger Canadian culture. Canada as a multicultural nation means that the country is made up of many different cultures (customs, beliefs, traditions, languages, values)

3 Think/Pair/Share Reflect on the question: Describe three positive and three negative aspects of a multicultural society Share your answers with a partner.

4 Cultural Imprints Different cultural and ethnic groups who settle in Canada influence the communities they live in. These imprints can be social and physical in nature. Social imprints – the ways in which people behave, such as religion, language, customs Physical imprints- the ways people affect their surroundings, such as restaurants, architecture, speciality shops

5 Examples of Social Imprints

6 Examples of Physical Imprints

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