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Biomes and Conservation

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1 Biomes and Conservation

2 Biome Large areas with similar climates and ecosystems Tundra Taiga
Temperate decidious forest Temperate rainforest Tropical rainforest Desert Grasslands Aquatic ecosystems

3 Resources Natural resources- parts of the environment that are useful or necessary for living organisms to survive Renewable resource- natural resource that is constantly recycled or replaced by nature Nonrenewable resources- not easily replaced. Petroleum- or oil, takes hundreds of millions of years to form Fossil fuels- coal, oil, and natural gas are nonrenewable that form in the Earth’s crust over very long periods of time

4 Alternative energy Can be used to help conserve fossil fuels
Hydroelectric power- energy from falling water used to generate electricity Wind power- wind turns blades of turbine, which powers electric generator Nuclear power- fission of uranium atoms generates nuclear energy that is used to produce electricity Geothermal power- use heat from Earth’s crust to generate electricity Solar energy- turns sunlight into electric current

5 Pollution Pollutant- substance that contaminates air, land, or water
Soot, smoke, ash, gases Acid precipitation- results from air pollutants reacting with water in the atmosphere Greenhouse effect- increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traps heat and can cause global warming Ozone depletion- thinning of the ozone layer caused by chlorofluorocarbons and can result in increased UV radiation reaching Earth’s surface

6 Water Pollution When air or land pollutants enter rivers, lakes, ocean
Includes chemical pesticides, raw sewage, fertilizer, oil spills Groundwater can become polluted as it seeps through particles of rock or soil that collects in underground pools called aquifers

7 Erosion Movement of soil from one place to another

8 Three “R”s of Conservation
Conservation can prevent shortages of natural resources, slow growth of landfills, reduce pollution levels, and save money Reduce Reuse Recycle- reprocessing an item or natural resource for reuse Steel Plastics Glass Paper Compost

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