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12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin1 Software for the LHC Types of Software Current Prototyping Architecture Ideas Requirements Revisited WBS considerations.

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1 12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin1 LHC@FNAL Software for the LHC Types of Software Current Prototyping Architecture Ideas Requirements Revisited WBS considerations

2 12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin2 Types of Software Console Software System software Operating System - Windows Networking Tools Security tools Backup/Archives Business Applications Email MS Office Web browser WebEx Polycom Java – JVM & Java WebStart LHC specific Applications Electronic Logbook Common Console Manager (CCM) Data Logging Timber Open Analogue Signals Information System (OASIS) LSA (LHC Software Applications) Knobs Trims LHC Alarm SERvice (LASER) Synoptic Display Development Environment: Coding Eclipse Object relational mapping – Hibernate Oracle Toplink Build (maybe) Common build Ant JDK - Recommended JDK Object oriented analysis & design – Rational rose Together J Version control CVS Visible Systems RAZOR XML XMLSPY Testing Webgain quality analyser JStyle/checkstyle Analysis tools Root (maybe) Scripting language for quick application development for Physicist (not available at LHC yet)

3 12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin3 Types of Software Server Apache Website for LHC@FNAL: (requirement 3-8) LHC@FNAL operational status LHC@FNAL shift schedule LHC@FNAL directory Tomcat Java Server Pages and servlet container Voice over IP Teleconferencing SW Backup and Archives

4 12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin4 Current Prototyping Running Timber – no problems Running LSA’s with Remote Desktop. Good news about LSA’s Was able to run the applications with Mike Lamont in real time over WebEx’s application sharing. Java Webstart works very well for deployment Easy to keep current (basically automatic) Looks like a very good solid SW architecture – no hacking Consistency in GUI pays off in reducing learning curve Issues with LSA’s No Safeguards*: Some devices such as power supplies have permission management on user name basis, but the permissions are not managed in the Java Applications. CERN is not likely to add this in the near future for us. Options need to be researched. Some ideas are: We help develop the permission scheme and modify the applications We replicate the data base in real time, all our applications will operate on our local data base only. Minimal documentation As we learn we may be able to help write documentation Speed is OK now, will decline with traffic. We need to have a fall back plan if it does. Issues with Remote Desktop: locks up every once in while screen size does not adjust well font size is very small mounting local drives is unsafe painfully slow to copy on local drives * Safeguards: the LHC applications at LHC@FNAL should not be able to change the LHC settings in any way. They should only have the monitoring capabilities. The permissions should be based on a user name. Console Manager Able to run it, but don’t understand the details yet

5 12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin5 Architecture Ideas Two PC’s per console Business applications LHC applications Pre-built SW images for both PC’s, easy to swap on failure Networking Latency 125 ms – affects GUI operations. Minimum response time is round trip 250 ms. Ok for now, but difficult to predict once traffic increases. Current link from FNAL to CERN is 622 Mb/s. Have alternatives if this becomes the bottle neck. Link from FNAL to office/LHC@FNAL is 100 Mb/s. Limitations and parameters: Speed of CERN’s Terminal Server Number of users Number of applications running Security (needs lots more work) Become domain Security is managed by CERN Involves cooperation and some work by CERN Done by Minos (FNAL knows how to do this) Remote Desktop

6 12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin6 Architecture Ideas - Security FNAL CERN LHC@FNAL 622 Mb/s 100 Mb/s Wireless 10-15 Mb/s LHC@FNAL is in domain

7 12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin7 Software Requirements 2-13 CCC Software: LHC@FNAL shall have the same LHC accelerator software installed as the CCC. 2-14 CCC Software Maintenance: LHC@FNAL shall be administered such that LHC accelerator software is current and maintained at the same version as the CCC. 2-16 LHC Development Environment: LHC@FNAL shall have the software development environment that is needed to develop LHC accelerator software. 3-1 LHC@FNAL Safeguards: LHC@FNAL shall have safeguards such that actions do not jeopardize or interfere with the quality of data recorded by CMS, and do not jeopardize or interfere with LHC operations. 3-2 LHC@FNAL Hardware and Software Consistency: To minimize the impact on CERN resources, LHC@FNAL shall maximize consistency in hardware and software with CERN and obtain software licenses as needed. 4-3 Software repository LHC@FNAL software shall reside in a software repository that must be used to keep track of different versions of the software during development. 4-4 Software compliance: Software developed at the LHC@FNAL for CMS and LHC shall conform to rules and coding standards established by the CMS Collaboration and LHC Project, respectively

8 12-01-2005Suzanne Gysin8 WBS considerations Safeguard strategy Write safeguard scheme Replicate DB Compile a list of licenses: Oracle Development tools Communication tools Refine Networking and Security Strategy Startup cost Maintenance cost (small)

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