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 Culture How does society create who we are?. 

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1  Culture How does society create who we are?



4 How does the culture you live in effect you?  A source of freedom because it allows us to make and remake our world.

5 What happens when you encounter a different culture?

6 Culture shock!

7 Culture shock




11 Other examples of culture shock  Japanese fancy toilet  France – Versailles  To US. From Japan  Egypt – Plowing  Egypt - Tipping

12 What types of culture are there?  Material culture  iPads  Nonmaterial culture  Religion, ideas, values, beliefs, customs

13 How does language effect our perception of the world?  The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis  The world is perceived with cultural lens of language

14 How does culture control us?  Norms  Guidelines for behavior  Prescriptive “should do”  Proscriptive “should not do”  Folkways  Everyday living  Mores  Right vs wrong - morality  Taboos  Sanctions

15 Do you remember?  What happens when you visit another culture?  What you believe is what type of culture?  How does language effect out perception of the world?  How does culture control us?

16 How do cultures change?  Invention  New products  New words & symbols to communicate  Discovery  Diffusion

17 Do all parts of culture change at the same rate?  No, different cultural elements change at different rates  Culture lag

18 What types of cultures are there?  Ideal VS Real culture  Subculture  Poets, musicians, Amish  Counterculture  Cultural patterns that oppose those that are widely held  Militia groups and gangs  New cultures  Immigrants (Asia and Latin America)

19 How can we view other cultures?  Ethnocentrism  Judging a culture by your own standards  Cultural relativism  Judging another culture by its own standards

20 What do all cultures have?  Cultural universals  Part of every known culture  Language  Marriage  Music  Status levels

21 Do you remember?  What will cause American culture to change?  What causes parts of a culture to change at different rates?  What is the difference between a subculture and a counter culture?  What will I demonstrating if I believe another culture is wrong simply because their beliefs are different than mine?


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