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Intro to Google Apps B3: Working in Google Drive.

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1 Intro to Google Apps B3: Working in Google Drive

2 1. Account Owner – Name of the company or organization that owns the Google account – Set the controls, user privileges, and restrictions – Have access to all the data, documents, emails, and information in every user account – Can monitor all internet activity, including day and time, and have a record of the web activity for each user

3 2. Google Search – A web search engine owned by Google where the user types in key words – The main purpose of Google Search is to hunt for text in publicly accessible documents and web pages offered by web servers – The search area on the Google Drive page searches the files and folders in the user’s drive for any that match the key word(s)

4 3. Google Apps – A shortcut to the Google apps each user has access to. – Google Apps is an interconnected group of programs that is an alternative to Microsoft Office – The programs do not need to be downloaded – The programs and files created with them are all stored in the cloud.

5 4. User Account – The email address associated with the specific user – Individual user accounts are assigned to users by the owner of the Google account – The owners of the account are responsible for what their user’s do – The owner’s of the user accounts can monitor, control, and even suspend individual accounts

6 5. Details and Activity – It tracks the history of changes made to files and folders created in or uploaded to Google Drive – Type of activity tracked: moving, deleting, renaming, uploading, sharing, unsharing, editing, and commenting on files – For each activity there is a note of who made the change and which files, folders, or collaborators were affected

7 6. Viewing Options – These are toggle buttons that allow the viewer to choose how the files and folders are displayed – Button shows the files and folders in a list format – Button shows the files and folders in a grid format

8 7. Settings – Allows the user to change some of the default settings in Google Drive – Some of the settings that can be changed are: language, time zone, upload settings, the apps associated with the account, and keyboard shortcuts – It also contains the ‘help’ section, which provides information and instructions.

9 8. Create and Upload – These buttons allow the user to create or upload files and folders to Google Drive – Create – allows the user to create a file or folder using one of the Google Apps – Upload – this button allows the user to upload files or folders to their drive – Files can be uploaded using their original format or having them converted to Google App format

10 In Closing – Complete the Section Review questions

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