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Your User Name is the first portion of your Carleton Connect account eg. mroger4 if the was

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1 Your User Name is the first portion of your Carleton Connect account eg. mroger4 if the email was mroger4@connect.carleto mroger4@connect.carleto Your password is the same as the one for your Carleton Connect account Once you have entered your User Name and Password you must hit the Login button

2 This is the home screen. It lists all of the courses you are enrolled in, has a calendar to help keep you organized and also has an email function. The email function is located at the top of the sheet and is marked with an envelop. Clicking on it will open up your WebCT email, which some professors use for communicating with the class.

3 This column will indicate how many messages you have receive din total from either the professor, teaching assistant or other students in that course. This column indicates if you have any new or unread messages. It is important to check this regularly so that you do not miss any communications from the professor, TA or classmates. Some professors use WebCT mail to communicate class cancellations or important changes to the syllabus. It is recommended this is check daily! Click on the individual course codes for access to that inbox. When you click on the Email Icon a list of all of your courses will appear.

4 Initially your individual course inboxes will look like this. It is a good idea to explore the individual course inboxes prior to the first class. These are the folders where new messages, sent messages, drafts and deleted messages are stored. Click on any of them to be rerouted to that folder. To create a message click here. To return to the email home screen where all of your courses are listed, click here at any time. In this screen, which opens when you click Create Message, you are able to choose who received the message, type the body of the email and then send the message to classmates, TA’s, your Professor or all people associated with the class.

5 The next feature we are going to explore is the Calendar feature, which can help you stay organized and remind you of important dates and deadlines. To access this option click on the small Calendar icon located at the top of the screen next to the email icon. Today’s date will always be highlighted. You can click on any of the specific days to see any appointments or assignments you have entered into the calendar. Entering appointments, tests, assignment due dates or just important reminders is easy! Click on Add Entry located in the top left hand corner of the screen.

6 Once you have clicked on Add Entry this screen will appear. Give the event a title that will be easy to recognize and that summarizes the event. For example ECON Test Add in the event details. Make sure everything you need to know to be fully prepared for the event goes into this space. For example time and location are crucial details! The day and time of the event are listed here. Make sure you enter the correct date as this is where the event will appear in the calendar. Make sure you hit the save button or the event will not appear in the calendar. Some students prefer to use this calendar rather than an agenda. Sometimes it is best to use both! An agenda is easy to access while you are away from the computer and can be easy to jot events in as they come up. The WebCT calendar is a helpful reminder tool but should not be relied on solely. Remember you can return to the Email or general Calendar home pages by clicking the icons located above.

7 To return to the home screen at any time, click on the My WebCT button at the top left hand corner of the screen. Click on the course code to access information the professor has posted for students. Remember not all professors use WebCT so the folder may not open or may contain no information. Professors will indicate in the lectures if they will be using WebCT or not, and if they are which features they will be using.

8 Your course homepage may look something like this. As every professor is different though, there are no two same course home pages. Typically professors will post important information for students in a similar manner as is shown bellow. This screen is the Course Content screen. It is the default screen when you open a course folder. The course tools listed in the sidebar above will vary depending on the course you are taking. However there are several core tools that will be common to all courses. When you click on one of the above page links it will open the document the professor attached for you to read. The attachment will either be a downloaded Word document or is will open automatically on your screen. To return to the home screen click on the My WebCT icon

9 Start by clicking on the Announcements tab on the left hand side. It will open all of the course announcements posted by the professor or the teaching assistants for the course. It is a good idea to check this regularly. Some professors will post course cancellations here rather than email all of the students. Professors may also post midterm, exam and assignment information here.

10 By clicking on the syllabus tab, typically, a copy of the course syllabus will pop up. Some professors prefer to post the syllabus in the Course Content tab, so do not be shocked if the syllabus does not appear under this tab. It is a good idea to explore all of the tabs in order to see what information the professor has posted. For some courses there will be Web Links, or Learning Modules that will assist with your success in the class. If you need to print the syllabus for class or if you have misplaced yours, click on the Printable Version button.

11 Many of your classes will make use of the Discussions tab. This is where you and your classmates can discuss course materials. By clicking on the paper icon you can access a different discussion topic and post your remarks and reflections for peer review.

12 Here you can create a new message, read what your peers have written and post reflections and constructive criticism. Some professors include a discussion component for class participation marks.

13 The final area to explore, that is common to all of your courses, is the My Grades tab. In this area you will find all of your grades for the course posted. Some professors will not use this feature, however the vast majority post marks here even if they do not use other features of WebCT.

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