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2 CLIENT REGISTRATION 1. Select VASP Prepayment System from the list of E-Konek Web applications. 2.To Register Client and Create login User ID, Click Register button. Registration Form will be displayed. 1 2 5

3 3.Fill-out all fields, then click Submit Registration button. 4.Confirmation message will be prompted. Click OK button to continue the submission, or Click Cancel button to cancel the submission. 3 4 CLIENT REGISTRATION … 6

4 5.Confirmation message for successful submission of Client and User Registration will be displayed. 6.Click Cancel button to display the VASP Prepayment System Login page. Otherwise, click Clear button to remove all the details inputted on the registration fields. The submitted user registration is subject for activation by the E-konek VASP Administrator. 5 6 CLIENT REGISTRATION … 7

5 CREATE VASP PREPAYMENT ACCOUNT 1.To create VASP prepayment Account, login to VASP Prepayment system using your activated Username and Password. 2.Click Account Manager Menu. 3.Then select Create Account from the side bar. 1 2 3 10

6 CREATE VASP PREPAYMENT ACCOUNT … 4.On the VASP Create Account form, Company details will automatically populated. 5.Fill-out Account Validity Date fields. 4 5 11

7 CREATE VASP PREPAYMENT ACCOUNT … 6.Then input Alert Email Addresses. Field 1 and 2 of email address are mandatory to fill out. 7.Input Alert Amount. This alert amount is set as an indicator that your Account Balance needs to be funded. 6 7 12

8 CREATE VASP PREPAYMENT ACCOUNT … 8.Click Submit button. 9.Created VASP Prepayment Account will display. Click Print button to print your VASP Prepayment Account details, with step by step process on how you will fund your VASP Prepayment Account number, or Click Close button to return to the Account Manager window. 9 8 13

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