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Project Implementation Monika Balode Joint Technical Secretariat Lead Partner Seminar 16 October 2009, Šiauliai.

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1 Project Implementation Monika Balode Joint Technical Secretariat Lead Partner Seminar 16 October 2009, Šiauliai

2 Presentation Content 2  Cooperation. Legal Background  Project Management Structure  Start up and Detailed Work Plan  Monitoring  Project Changes and Quality  Internal Communication

3 Legal background 3 Regulation EC 1080/2060:  Lead Partner Principle  4 cooperation criteria

4 Lead Partner Principle 4 PROGRAMME PP PP – implementation of activities, quality of outputs. LP – overall project coordination, administration, project expenditure in line with activities listed in the application LP PP 1 country 2 country

5 Cooperation Criteria 5  Joint development  Joint implementation  Joint staffing  Joint financing Cooperation it is a requirement, not a luxury!

6 Management Structure 6  Strategic level (e.g. Steering Group);  Working level (e.g. working group). STRATEGIC LEVEL Steering group composition: political and administration level representatives, social partners, other regional actors. Steering group role: strategic coordination, evaluation and decision making in the project (ensure visibility of the project results and durability). Assess: is Steering Group needed in smaller partnership project?

7 Management Structure 7 WORKING LEVEL The LP:  Project Coordinator: project coordination, control of quality and deadlines.  Financial Manager: financial control of the project. Requirements:  Good knowledge of English and previous experience;  “Uniting force” for a partnership;  Knowledge of the programme and other legal requirements. PPs:  Local project coordinator, financial manager.

8 Effective partnership - success! 8 Team work! Joint Working culture Kick of meeting:  Introduction of project partners;  Clarification of project objectives;  Work methodology;  Time Frame;  Communication plan. Joint rules:  How fast do you answer to your team members e-mails?  How do you proceed with deadlines? ...... Paper with contacts of all representatives of the partners involved:name, surname, position, telephone, e-mail.

9 Effective partnership- success! 9 Recommendations for the partner meetings:  Timely and appropriate practical details about meeting;  Good woorking atmosphere;  Not too long duration;  Partners’ input and exchange of information;  Documentation afterwards – minutes.

10 Detailed work plan 10 According situation, but at least for each project meeting  What and when happens;  Tasks;  Deadlines. GANNT CHART? Benefit – clear:  Responsibilities of partners;  Necessary resources;  Deadlines;  Objectives;  Bases for monitoring and quality control.

11 Monitoring 11 Application Form = Project results Programme level 6 months Reporting Periods, Project visits Project Level Every 3 months? Constantly?

12 Monitoring 12 LP responsibilities: Costs according plan and rules; Outputs achieved and comply with content and quality requirements; Audit trail; Management of changes; Identification of missing information and provision of it. PPs responsibilities: Implementation of tasks in partner level in line with requirements; Report to the LP about progress; Information exchange; Eligibility of costs.

13 Monitoring 13 How to avoid problems:  Spend on activities indicated in the application;  Get written approval from the programme for everything else;  If doubt – do not do it;  Keep audit trail;  The same standards for all partnership.

14 Information to the JTS 14 Compulsory information to JTS:  On major Project events not later than 2 weeks before event (add info to the web page);  On changes of the Project Coordinator, Financial Manager or LP contact person immediately (via email; Progress Reports);  Calendar for the planned construction/renovation works: start date, location and deadlines for the submission and payment of works. Recommended: copy of project publicity materials to JTS as soon as produced.

15 Quality Management 15 !!! Do not focus only in meeeting the written requirements for the main outputs. Sources to quality definition:  Programme;  Beneficiaries. Process for ensuring that all project activities are effective and efficient with respect to the objective, schedule and budget of the project.

16 Project Changes 16 No matter how good the plan is there always will be some deviation during implementation !!! Inform LP/Programme NO: new activities, removal of approved activities. YES: small deviations.

17 Project Communication 17 Project finalisation Project communication Project partners: To share information Programme: To discuss problems, inform about progress, use as dissemination tool External stakeholders: To maintain and increase political backing, receive expert input, link with other projects Main target group: Inform about outputs and services available Reporting Monitoring Implementation Approval and starting up Project generation Good communication – all partners involved, concrete, clear and timely information!

18 Lessons Learned: 18 Start as fast as possible: projects usually delay; Ensure sufficient human resources; Good project manager and financial manager – part of project success; Efficient communication within Project; Clear division of activities and budget between PPs; Realistic time planning (e.g. public procurement procedures); In line with what is written in the Application Form; Reporting takes more time than planned. Contact JTS for advise!

19 More information 19 Other useful links:  National authorities    Project management tools: , ‘Projects’, ‘Management Toolkit’  INTERACT guidelines:

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