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Framework for Practice

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1 Framework for Practice
Seattle Children’s Nursing Vision & Values And Professional Practice Model

2 To Be the Best Children’s Hospital
Nursing Vision Nursing’s Vision is also the Hospital’s vision: To Be the Best Children’s Hospital

3 Nursing Values are built around our service standards known as ART
Accountability Respect Teamwork

4 Accountability Nursing Values
As professional individuals, we are accountable to ourselves, our patients and families, our colleagues and our community. We are responsible for managing a healthy work-life balance and demonstrating integrity and professional ethics in all of our interactions. As nurses we are accountable for our professional practice and for the deliver of safe and efficient care to our patients and families. We pride ourselves on incorporating professional standards and values that form the foundation of the professional into our practice. We uphold the policies and standards of the organization, and contribute to the organization’s outstanding image in the community.

5 Respect Nursing Values Continued
Nurses work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team, recognizing and respecting each member’s contribution. Recognizing each other’s strengths and unique qualities, nurses create a collaborative, respectful environment for care delivery. We incorporate the principles of the Nursing Code of Ethics into our practice, which encourages effective communication and mutual respect between the patient, family and multidisciplinary team members. We recognize professional and personal boundaries as we strive to respectfully meet the unique needs of our patients and families.

6 Teamwork Nursing Values Continued
Nurses work as part of highly functioning, collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams. As members of these teams they are expected to participate in rounds, and provide valued contributions to the care team’s decision making process. Nurses facilitate inclusion of the family into the care team. By respecting the knowledge of our families and colleagues and drawing from the strengths of a wide range of team member expertise, we are able to deliver care at the highest possible level. All new tam members are welcomed, supported and mentored into full team participation.

7 Diversity Nursing Values Continued
Respect for diversity is paramount in our demonstration of excellence in our everyday professional practice. Nurses provide culturally competent and developmentally appropriate care. We purposely create and sustain diverse teams as a strategy that reflects organizational strength.

8 Nursing Professional Practice Model
Care Delivery The delivery of high quality care to patients and families is our focus. It is the focus of our development of clinical competence and our professional practice. We believe pediatric patients should be cared for by nurses with specific training in the care of children, and in an environment supportive of their holistic needs. Our ethical code requires equitable treatment of all, without regard for ability to pay and with regard for diversity. Patient safety is our first priority. Care is based on current evidence and professional practice standards. Models of care delivery are selected based on needs of specific patient populations.

9 Nursing Professional Practice Model Healthy Work Environment
CH Healthy Work Environment We advocate for well-being of mind, body and spirit, for ourselves, our colleagues, and our patients and families. We strive to create healthy caring environments in the workplace and in our communities. Staff is empowered to create healthy work environments by participating in shared governance. Our goal is full engagement of every nurse in creating environments that support excellent patient care and recruitment and retention of best nurses.

10 Nursing Professional Practice Model Innovation & Improvement
CHI Innovation & Improvement Acquisition of new knowledge is encouraged through training and development, our evidence based practice model, and nursing research. Our nursing quality plan delineates improvement activities conducted in all sites of nursing practice. Results of our quality improvement activities are disseminated to staff via our Nursing Dashboard. Nurses are encouraged to participate in the profession through presentation and publication of their innovative work to improve nursing practice.

11 Nursing Professional Practice Model Leadership & Governance Structure
CHIL Leadership & Governance Structure The nursing strategic plan provides a roadmap for nursing’s contribution to the organizational vision of becoming the best children’s hospital. Leadership development and succession planning are key elements of the strategic plan. Our shared governance council structure empowers nurses closest to the patient to make decisions about nursing practice, and provides a platform for staff nurse leadership development.

12 Nursing Professional Practice Model
CHILD Development of Staff Advancement of pediatric nursing practice through development of every nurse is our goal. Staff development programs begin with orientation and continue with annual competency verification, in-service education, continuing education, and support for national certification. Staff nurses also precept student nurses and may serve as clinical faculty to support development of new nurses.

13 Nursing Professional Practice Model

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