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Thanks Native Americans for this awesome land!

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1 Thanks Native Americans for this awesome land!
Rhode Island Thanks Native Americans for this awesome land! -founded by Roger Williams Separation of Church and State exiled from the colony fled and founded Providence R.I -land peaceably acquired from Indians -based on religious freedoms that Williams promoted -church and the government are separate

2 Connecticut -founded by Thomas Hooker -wanted more religious freedom than Massachusetts allowed -disliked the requirement of citizens to be church members -Fundamental Orders: first constitution in the nation (1st in North America) written by Puritan clergymen Required elections of governors and 6 judges. They had Legislative, Executive and Judicial power How to be represented Pay taxes

3 New Hampshire -founded by Puritan communities -N.H. becomes royal colony -Maine (not a colony) was eventually sold to Massachusetts and remained part of Massachusetts until 1820

4 New Netherlands -Henry Hudson -Englishman sailing for the Dutch -Explored the Hudson R. and Hudson Bay areas -Dutch found colony at New Amsterdam -lots of different immigrants -religious freedom -English take colony in 1664 -renamed New York -Part of the region divided into the colony of New Jersey

5 Pennsylvania -William Penn -Quakers religious group who practiced worship without ministers and were pacifists -Philadelphia “City of Brotherly Love” -fair treatment of Indians -thriving colony

6 Maryland -George Calvert Lord Baltimore -established as safe haven for English Catholics -Catholics soon outnumbered -Toleration Act (1649) guaranteed religious freedom: requiring religious toleration of all Christian denominations. 1st such law, so often seen as the origin of the 1st Amendment.

7 -royal colony named after King Charles
Carolina -royal colony named after King Charles -Charles Town became major port city -large slave populations -North Carolina created as refuge for the poor and dissenters -remained thinly populated until mid 1700’s Colonies of the Carolinas were a swampy, heavily wooded backcountry populated by Indians and a few runaway servants from Virginia. It was originally run by English men who looked like this. As you might imagine, things didn’t go smoothly.

8 also was a buffer from Spanish areas
Georgia James Olgethorpe haven for debtors also was a buffer from Spanish areas COLONIAL GEORGIA: SAVANNAH, FROM A PRINT OF 1741

9 Colonial System -mercantilism system of nations increasing their wealth and power through trade with colonies -English wanted a favorable balance of trade which meant they sold more than they imported from colonies -Social System widely available prosperity

10 English Control -colonies were very successful traders -lumber, furs, fish, grain, tobacco sent to Europe -large quantities of finished goods bought -Parliament passes the Navigation Acts Restricted how colonists could do business

11 Seeds of Independence -Glorious Revolution in England, 1688 -Parliament becomes the dominant force in English government -salutary neglect very loose supervision of the colonies -lack of control led to self government religious, political, economic, and social freedoms John Peter Zenger Trial

12 Writing Activity Diary: Colonist’s experience in Jamestown (S)
Radio Show Interview: Guests include J. Winthrop, A. Hutchinson, and R. Williams (H)

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