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Podcasting for Instruction Pam Williams Computer Resource Specialist New Castle Elementary.

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1 Podcasting for Instruction Pam Williams Computer Resource Specialist New Castle Elementary

2 What is Podcasting? Audio and/or video files available on the Internet Files contain information or instruction or entertainment or music Files can be downloaded to a computer or MP3 device

3 “True” Podcasting “Show” or production on a topic New “episodes” added periodically Allows listeners to subscribe Receive/download new episodes automatically RSS –Really Simple Syndication/Subscription Use special websites/applications for RSS iTunes Blog sites

4 Why do Podcasting? New and fun Another form of publishing Low cost Easy to do Connects new technology (MP3 players) with instruction Kids really like the idea

5 Three Formats for Podcasts Audio – sound only Video – video picture with sound Vodcast T025_Electricity.mp4 Enhanced – still images with sound

6 How are Podcasts being used in K-12 education? o/ mcrid2/67blog/?cat=2

7 How do you get started? Low Cost!!! Computer Microphone Audacity software (free download) Find a site to host your podcasts File server (for use only within your school) Web (for Internet access)

8 Nine Steps to Podcasting 1. Gather the required hardware and software. 2. Decide on the content. 3. Practice. 4. Record the podcast. 5. Edit the podcast; add music (optional). 6. Test the podcast. 7. Publish the podcast to share your good work. 8. Promote the podcast. 9. Evaluate and learn from your mistakes.

9 Getting Started with Audacity Download Audacity and the LAME Encoder Install Audacity Extract the LAME Encoder folder (rt. click) (do not click on anything in the folder) Launch Audacity and Set Preferences Edit – Preferences Audio I/O – Channels: 1 (mono) Quality 44100 Hz, 32-bit float File Formats – WAV (Microsoft 32 bit float) OK at bottom

10 Audacity Toolbar Similar to recording devices Handout

11 Recording Use a USB microphone Headset combo for one person Larger microphone on a stand for groups Samson C03UCW USB Microphone with multipattern condenser Mistakes? Pause and keep going Can edit these out later

12 Editing Easy No audible gaps Can combine several tracks together in one podcast Can add music (be careful of copyright) Use copyrright-free SoundzAbound music loops \\adcfsms01\SoundzAbound\\adcfsms01\SoundzAbound (link only works when logged in as your adult self and only inside a school building)

13 Demonstration Recording Editing Importing Music file Using Tools Exporting as MP3

14 Hands-On Practice Record a book talk about a recent book you have read Visit the SoundzAbound directory Download a music loop Add the loop to your podcast Export and save as an MP3 file

15 Brainstorm Podcast Topics

16 Books Podcast Solutions Michael Georghegan Podcasting for Dummies Tee Morris A podcast series about podcasting: ctCd-0471748986,page-1.html ctCd-0471748986,page-1.html

17 Podcast Hosting PodBean (100MB free storage-sometimes blocked at school for uploading) EduBlogs (can be quirky and run slow) ShockPod Twango (100 MB free) Blogger Scores of other Blog sites

18 Podcast Subscribing iTunes (free) Almost necessary Don’t need an iPod—only a computer Possible installation at school….contact CRS Juice (free) /index.php /index.php Dozens of other sites

19 Resources on the Web Podcasting 101 for K-12 Librarians Podcasting News Tell Me a Story: A media specialist promotes reading, with podcasts 3062.html 3062.html Robin Good podcasting/podcasting-and-audio-editing-tools-guide- 20070311.htm Only

20 Sample Student Podcasts Grandview Library Brookline Book Reviews New Castle Book Talks and Civil War News Samples in SharePoint Link from School’s Web Site Trantwood Elementary

21 Resources Online /0,69910-0.html p cles/comments/beginners-guide-to- podcast-creation/

22 Resources Online KidCast: Podcasting for Instruction Ideas cles/classroom-audio-podcasting.html Education Podcast Network

23 Audacity - Help Audacity Documentation: cumentation Audacity Reference Manual: -1.2/index.html cumentation -1.2/index.html Tutorial with Videos kecj/audacity/indexaud.html kecj/audacity/indexaud.html

24 Music - Sources Garageband (not the Mac application): Ioda Promonet: Magnatune: Podsafe Audio: Podsafe Music Network: Podseek's Podsafe Resources: e_resources.html e_resources.html SoundzAbound (at school only, log in as adult self) \\adcfsms01\SoundzAbound\\adcfsms01\SoundzAbound

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