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Submitted By Tanmoy Mondal IIFT MBA (IB) 2012-14 The future lies on Business transformation & Employee- Organizational Alignment.

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1 Submitted By Tanmoy Mondal IIFT MBA (IB) 2012-14 The future lies on Business transformation & Employee- Organizational Alignment

2 Role of Engagement:Employee-Organizational alignment Leadership Strategy People Systems & Process Employee Engagement Structure, capability & Capacity Customer Experience Organizational Performance Organization Framework The IT organizations need a radical transformation to face future challenges and guide the enterprise towards greater competitive success. To identify opportunities for exploiting new technologies to create and pursue new business opportunities To evaluate these technologies and the resulting opportunities to determine their value to, and impact on, existing and potential business To embrace innovative mechanisms to access and utilize the best possible resources (whether in-house or outside) To adapt itself to changes in the environment on an ongoing basis Future Strategy to gain competitive edge Important stakeholders in an OrganizationGood Organizational Performance Leadership i.e. Management Employees Employee engagement is powerfully linked to a range of business success factors The challenge for businesses is to create organizations where employees are aligned and engaged to a clearly articulated strategy

3 Transformation of Business Organization Structure Leadership Skills Processes Culture Risk Averse Why Why not? Risk taking Technical Business Operational Transformational Rigid/HierarchicalFlexible Mapping the transformation into future IT organization Traditional Transformational As the digital-physical boundary is getting blurred, so it is important to define the eco-system of an IT organization and its interaction with those. In this process it is needed to identify the stakeholders within the organization that are driving these linkages and interactions between the eco-system's various entities & the organization's business functionalities. Co-relation between retention rate and an organization's performance in customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability is more than 35% in value terms between a low attrition company and above average retention company. (Vishal Gupta; Shweta Shrivastava, 2007) Organization transformation helps to increase profitability, productivity,customer satisfaction and innovation Organization transformation helps to re-align the internal system, but also it is needed to look after the external system i.e. eco-system

4 IT & Business Ecosystem External Customers Partners, Alliances Suppliers Business Organization IS/IT organization IT infrastructure Provider IT Service Provider Mapping the IT & Business Ecosystem Instead of reacting to existing business needs, the focus of the new IT organization needs to be on creating competitive advantage for the enterprise via innovative applications of emerging technologies. So the technology adaption remains a major enabler and the management & employees, both need a collaborative approach to fulfill this adaption. Management Obj.Employee Obj. Closing the gap between needs of business and the ability to deliver Converting the technology drivers into business drivers Focus on Strategic value of IT products & solutions Focus on IT-enabled competitive capability Trend Drivers Business Trends IT Trends Present Offerings Gap Offerings Challenge remains to identify the gap in terms of technology for product /solution development or enhancement

5 Technologies as future viable business solutions 1 2 3 4 5 So, there is a need in change of present organization structure to create a delicate balance to fit the business need into technical vision. Time StageDescriptionMgmt.Emp. 1Technology emerges: Begin to track potential customer-focused business solutions. Educate the organization & customers. 2Technology begins to mature: Monitor value & trigger points for customers as innovative business solutions emerge. 3Early business & customer adoption begins: Decide whether this wave can differentiate the business and offer new solutions to customers. Pilot technology with customers and collect feedback. 4Business Solutions begin to mature: Drive customer adoption & identify logical extensions of technology based on customer needs 5Business Solutions mature: Keep space with the pack but identify new products and customer needs via continuous feedback Customer & business solution maturity Technology Maturity Adoption waves for business & customer technology It is difficult to determine when the customer will adopt the innovative solution. So it is easier to look for benefits rather than technology. Because innovative solutions take time to convert into viable business solutions. So, it is clear that for incubation and post innovation period, there is a need of continuous interaction between management and employees. So for future business opportunities both management & employee collaboration is essential. Minor Responsibility Major Responsibility

6 “Change before you have to”………….. CIO Business liasions IT operations Strategy & Project office Application development & maintenance Architecture & Security Organized by technology & asset type All assets are managed regardless of technical maturity Traditional IT Organization CIO Architecture,security & strategy Innovation Business liaisons Core value applications Business liaisons Mature applications Business liaisons Infrastructure operations Organized by technology life cycle & business needs Assets managed as a portfolio and based on maturity Future IT Organization Shift from product innovation to strategy innovation Future lies in the hands of both, Management for making collaborative customer centric strategy and supported by employee’s innovative & focused technology solutions Management’s Vision Business of Applications Beyond cloud Harnessing Hyper-scale From workforce to crowd- source Seamless collaboration Employee collaboration Design for Analytics Data velocity Active defense Digital-physical blur, redefining the boundary Architecting Resilience Source: AT Kearney, Accenture, Infosys Business consulting

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