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2 2 - YEPP, Pau Society of Petroleum Engineers Who is SPE?  Largest organization serving professional engineers, scientists and managers in the exploration and production segments of the worldwide oil and gas industry (65 000 members) SPE’s mission  Collect, disseminate and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources, and related technologies for the public benefit How?  International conferences, exhibitions, workshop, JPT, books, electronic media and section programs (Student Chapter – Yepp)

3 3 - YEPP, Pau Many SPE sections have programs for young professionals (under 35 years old). This area brings together information about those programs and a number of SPE initiatives for young members: The Way Ahead publication, eMentoring, an awards program, and the Ambassador Lecture program. SPE recognizes the importance of young members who will be leaders of our industry in the future. Several of SPE's larger sections have developed special programs to support and assist in the development of those in our industry with fewer than 10 years experience. Other programs have been initiated to assist young professionals just starting out on their own career path. The Young Professionals Network also targets young members, allowing them to discuss ideas, events and best practices for the future of SPE and the industry. The Network enables young professionals to function as an international team, maximizing the impact of local initiatives while also creating international events to serve the needs of today's young, global members. Young Professionals Section YP Programs

4 4 - YEPP, Pau Young Professionals eMentoring Young professionals are uniquely positioned to benefit from an ementoring relationship with a more experienced professional and to serve as a mentor to a student seeking to join the industry. Email enables eMentoring relationships to flourish across geographic boundaries and time zones. The Way Ahead “The Way Ahead” is a magazine designed & written for and by young professionals in the oil and gas industry. In it, you will find items of particular interest to younger members of the industry, including articles on the finding your career path, improving key skills, and the roles of young professionals around the world. Ambassador Lecture Program The Ambassador Lecture Program links E&P professionals who have been in the industry less than 10 years with SPE student chapters. Young professionals make presentations to student chapters, helping students be better prepared to enter the workforce and gaining insight into the next generation of workers.SPE student chapters Awards The SPE Young Member Outstanding Service Award recognizes leadership and contributions to public and community matters, the Society, the petroleum engineering profession, and the petroleum industry by members under age 35. Regional Outstanding Young Member Awards recognize the same contributions on a regional or area level.

5 5 - YEPP, Pau The Way Ahead Young Professionals

6 6 - YEPP, Pau Young Professionals Sections with YP Programs AberdeenEdmontonNew Dehli Abu DhabiEgyptNorth China AhmedabadEvangelineNorthern Emirates Alaska Petroleum Fort WorthNorthern West Virginia AngolaFrance *Oklahoma City AssamGulf CoastOman BahrainItalianQatar BangaloreJava Indonesia Queensland BoliviaKuala Lumpur Permian Basin BrazilKuwaitRomanian BruneiLibyaSaudi Arabia CanadianLimaSouthern Africa CaracusLondonStavanger ColombianMoscowTurkey DallasMumbaiWarri Nigeria Denver Vernal, Utah *Yepp France Paris and now Pau Section YP Programs

7 7 - YEPP, Pau Conferences for 2008 Technical coaching and mentoring for the development of young professional CO2 underground storage An expatriate’s every day life Oil : a geopolitical resource Women in the oil industry Environmental concerns Cultural diversity

8 8 - YEPP, Pau YEPP Workshop

9 9 - YEPP, Pau YEPP Workshop

10 10 - YEPP, Pau First Event in Pau The first Young professional meeting will be held on December 04th 2007 at 20:00 (Local time Pau) in the place located below. MEETING AGENDA: Presentation of the section SPE - YEPP Objectives and purposes of the section Conferences scheduled for 2008 Cost : 20 € / Person (wine + buffet) Please send us an email to confirm your coming

11 11 - YEPP, Pau See you soon, on December 04th !! The Yepp Pau team TOTALCGG VERITASAJILONTOTAL EPFSCHLUMBERGERUPPA G Latchimy A GabertP GaudinP ChiquetA SharmaAC ValheimV Montel A Baquero PE Schreiber


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