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Ever wondered how mountains grow, why earthquakes happen, or where to find gold and oil ? Ever wanted to travel the world, learn about how our planet ticks,

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1 Ever wondered how mountains grow, why earthquakes happen, or where to find gold and oil ? Ever wanted to travel the world, learn about how our planet ticks, and get involved in something that makes a difference ? Then YOU should consider a career in the EARTH SCIENCES ! = A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES! A CAREER IN THE WHAT’S IT LIKE? OPEN A DOOR TO FIND OUT… WHAT IS EARTH SCIENCE ? HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE? WHERE CAN I LEARN? WHAT CAN I BE? WHAT DO I NEED?



4 Earth Scientists are the people that study all of this and more! They work to solve the puzzles of the planet – they are detectives of our world and our connection to it. That’s because earth science is the study of the Earth and all its materials! It aims to understand the planet’s many different systems; what it produces and reworks; and how humans are connected to its natural resources. Look around you right now. The computer  you are using, the building  you are in, the weather outside , the air you are breathing, the transportation  you took today, the food you ate this morning  … they are all connected to earth science .

5 WHY STUDY EARTH SCIENCE? You get to travel ! There’s equal opportunity for everyone! You can work in a lab, outside, or in the office! There are lots of jobs in all kinds of fields! You learn so much about our world! You meet amazin g people ! There is lots of mone y to be made! Door #1 - example

6 Door #2 WHAT DO I NEED?

7 Door #2 - What do I need? Pack your survival skills for a journey to success… Grade 12 math and science Grade 12 English Computer skills Ability to communicate Sense of adventure Grade 12 physics A love of the outdoors Creativity A team player ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR EDUCATION, YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY!

8 Door #2 - What Do I Need? Now you’re ready to go!

9 Door #3 WHAT CAN I BE?

10 Door #3 - What Can I Be? Which path will you choose? STOP! Cannot pass without an education

11 Door #3 - What Can I Be? Petroleum Industry Minerals & Mining IndustryEnvironmental IndustryGovernmentEducation & Outreach Geotechnical

12 Door #3 - What Can I Be? A-Z list of jobs Symbols: Field work =  Travel involved =  Office work =  Lab work = Aerial Photographers take successive photographs from helicopters & small airplanes to study three-dimensional topography, which allows geological structures, geomorphology, vegetation, and more to be assessed.    Economic/Exploration geologists explore for and develop metallic and nonmetallic resources. They study mineral deposits (gold, diamonds, copper, etc.) and find environmentally safe ways to dispose of waste materials from mining activities.    Stratigraphers investigate the time and space relationships of rocks, on a local, regional, and global scale throughout geologic time. They focus on the fossil and mineral content of layered sedimentary rocks.   


14 Newfoundland & Labrador Memorial University, St. John’s Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Corner Brook Nova Scotia Dalhousie University, Halifax Saint Mary’s University, Halifax Acadian University, Wolfville Saint Francis Xavier University, Antigonish University College of Cape Breton, Sydney New Brunswick Mount Allison, Sackville University of New Brunswick, Fredericton University of New Brunswick, Saint John Quebec Concordia University, Montreal École Polytechnique, Montreal McGill University, Montreal Université de Montreal, Montreal Université de Quebec; Ste. Foy, Chicoutimi, Montreal, Rimouski Université Laval, Ste. Foy Ontario Brock University, St. Catharines Carleton University, Ottawa Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Laurentian University, Sudbury McMaster University, Hamilton Queen’s University, Kingston Sir Sandford Fleming College, Lindsay University of Guelph University of Ottawa University of Toronto University of Waterloo University of Western Ontario, London University of Windsor York University, Toronto Manitoba Brandon University, Brandon Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature, Winnipeg University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Nunavut Nunavut Arctic College, Iqaluit Saskatchewan University of Regina, Regina University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Alberta Mount Royal College, Calgary Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton University of Alberta, Edmonton University of Calgary, Calgary University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge British Columbia BC Institute of Technology, Vancouver Capilano College, North Vancouver Douglas College, North Vancouver Okanagan University College, Kelowna Royal Roads University, Victoria Simon Fraser University, Burnaby University College of the Cariboo, Kamloops University of British Columbia, Vancouver University of Victoria, Victoria Yukon Yukon College, Whitehorse NWT Aurora College; Inuvik, Yellowknife, Fort Smith Door #4 - WHERE CAN I TRAIN? P.E.I. University of P.E.I., Charlottetown


16 Let’s compare average incomes (salaries and hourly rates) for 3 types of geoscientists! 119,500$ (~62$/hr)150,000$ (~78$/hr)>129,000$ (~67$/hr)F 85,200$ (~44$/hr)115,000$ (~60$/hr)111,200$ (~58$/hr)E 71,800$ (~37$/hr)96,500$ (~50$/hr)93,000$ (~48$/hr)D 56,500$ (~29$/hr)71,000$ (~37$/hr)69,400$ (~36$/hr)C 49,600$ (~26$/hr)60,200$ (~31$/hr)57,600$ (~30$/hr)B 42,500$ (~22$/hr)52,700$ (~27$/hr)52,500$ (~27$/hr)A 30,000$ (~16$/hr)41,000$ (~21$/hr)44,800$ (~23$/hr)A-A- Average Income LEVEL ENGINEERSGEOPHYSICISTSGEOLOGISTS Door #5 – How much can I make? 24,000$ (~12.50$/hr)Supervisor 20,000$ (~10$/hr)Restaurant Manager 15,000$ (~7.50$/hr)1 st Assistant Manager 12,500$ (6.50$/hr)2 nd Assistant Manager 11,000$ (~5.50$/hr)Trainee Manager 9,000$ (~4.50$/hr)Junior Business Manager Average IncomeLevel M M M cDonald’s Employee Or…as a comparison:

17 Door #6 WHAT’S IT LIKE?

18 What’s it like? A day in the life of… personal profiles of geoscientists across Canada (written accounts, video interviews?, links to websites) a typical work week; challenges and perks photographs of real people at work in all conditions equal opportunity in all levels of industry local and global work opportunities

19 Other content: “ Did you know? ” pop-ups with fascinating geoscience facts. Examples: DID YOU KNOW… Tsunami waves can travel across the ocean as fast as 320 km/hour! DID YOU KNOW… Canada is the world’s 5 th leading producer of gold! DID YOU KNOW… India is moving towards Asia at a rate of 4-6 cm every year, thanks to plate tectonics! A list of all contributors (financial, photographs, content, etc.); Links to existing career websites and educational resources for teachers and students;

20 This outreach project is supported and supervised by: Canadian Geoscience Education Network (CGEN) & Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES) & Dr. John Clague, Simon Fraser University Content and design by Jenn Sabean, MSc

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