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What are the British like?

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1 What are the British like?
Trying to explain what the British are is the same as attempting to describe the difference between Europe and Asia in one sentence.

2 You are welcome to our project lesson.
And now you are welcome to our project lesson ‘’The influence of geography on people and their lifestyles.’’The result of this project is the creation of theEnglish magazine ‘Those mystifying foreigners’. I am going to talk about the influence of geography on people and their character.So the first page of my magazine is devoted to England andEnglish people .

Britain-or great Britain is the name for England , Wales and Scotland. Island. The United Kingdom is England Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The British government is the government of the UK.

4 Languages and dress Most British pespoken by over half a million people speak English, but Gaelic is also people in many other languages like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi The most famous traditional British dress is the Scottish kilt. The particular pattern of tartan, the checked fabric from which Scottish national dress is made, represents the family clan that the person is from. Many people think that Scottish men wear kilts every day. This not true! Kilts are only worn on special occasions such as weddings or dances.

5 Серьёзный кот Британец A serious cat Britanets
Foreigners have many ideas about what the English like. For example, some people say the English are always cold and reserved, this means that they don't talk much to strangers, and don't show much emotion. A reserved person never tells you anything about himself. But the people of the North and West of Britain are much less reserved than those of the South and East.

6 The British are polite,aren’t they?
English people are famous for their habit of politeness. It is considered polite to give up one's seat to a woman who is standing, to open a door for her, carry things for her, and so on. Most British people expect the person in front of them to hold the door open for them. People think you are rude, if you don't do this. Most British people queue when they are waiting for a bus or waiting to be served in a shop.

7 Britain’s flag Britain’s flags on white background of St George for England, the white X on St Andrew for Scotland, and the red X on white background of St Patrick for Ireland. Of course, each country in Britain also has its own flag. It’s worth remembering that the Union Jack is more popular in England that in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The reason is that the Welsh, Scottish and Irish and do not like being reminded of the time when they lost their independence to England.


9 A nation is born from its land
A nation is born from its land, its history, its art, its traditions and its institutions. These things work together to make people what they are. But above all, a nation is made up of people, and although there are things they all share, all of those people are different. We can say there is still a «British nation,» and one of the most characteristic features of Englishmen is their traditions, which they respect, and which they have kept for centuries.

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