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Greece – SOL Intervention Sessions – 3 and 4 Mrs. Petras.

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1 Greece – SOL Intervention Sessions – 3 and 4 Mrs. Petras

2 Why did the Greek speaking peoples develop into city- states

3 Stories of the Greek gods and goddesses which the Greeks used to explain the world around them

4 Supreme Greek god who rules over Mt. Olympus and the other Greek gods and goddesses

5 Greek “city-state” Examples are: – Athens – Sparta – Thebes

6 Government in which the people/citizens have the power and make their laws without representatives Athens

7 Greek city-state which focused on art, education, and civic duty Had a great Navy

8 Greek city-state which focuses on military duty and honor People of this city-state sought to be loyal, honorable, and strong Located on Peloponnesus

9 A war fought by Greeks, primarily Athens, against the Persians Persians invaded Greece and burned Athens during this series of wars Athens eventually fully expelled the Persians

10 Greek fighting formation Gave Greeks great Advantage over the Persians

11 Group of Greek city-states which joined together in a defensive alliance The alliance was controlled by Athens Athens used its power to take advantage of weaker Greek city- states

12 Period of time in which Athens was at its height of prosperity Athens was making achievements in the areas of Art, Literature, Philosophy, and Architecture

13 Leader of Greece during the Golden Age Died in a plague after he brought all people from around Athens into the city walls

14 Greek philosopher who taught the way to find an answer was through a series of questions. He was put on trial and convicted to death for denying the cities gods and corrupting the youth

15 Student of Socrates Wrote The Republic on his ideas of an ideal society Left Athens for 10 years after Socrates was put to death

16 Was Plato’s student and Alexander the Great’s tutor

17 This is a temple to the Greek goddess Athena

18 Greeks wrote plays which commented on their own society – Tragedy – Comedy

19 The Greek father of History

20 Greek father of medicine

21 War fought between the city- states of Athens and Sparta for control of Greece Sparta won, but both city-states were weakened and left open to attack

22 Macedonian king who took advantage of Greece’s weakened stated and conquered

23 Alexander Philip II’s son who created an empire which spanned from Greece to India and included Egypt!

24 Culture created in Alexander’s empire This culture is a blend of – Indian Culture – Greek Culture – Egyptian Culture – Persian Culture

25 Hellenistic thinker who invented the pulley and a way to drill water out of the ground

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