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Christmas and New Year in England

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1 Christmas and New Year in England

2 Santa Claus Santa Claus comes on Christmas eve while you are asleep.
Santa gives people presents.

3 Santa Claus We write letters to Santa Claus telling him what presents we would like. He is also called Father Christmas.

4 Christmas Dinner On Christmas we eat Turkey roast potatoes vegetables
Yorkshire puddings gravy

5 Some people set it alight!
Christmas Dinner For dessert we have Christmas Pudding Some people set it alight!

6 Christmas Tree At Christmas time we put up a Christmas tree each year. We decorate it with tinsel and baubles and we put a star or an angel on the top. Santa puts presents under the Christmas tree.

7 DECORATING THE HOUSE Every Christmas people decorate their houses by putting up stockings, hanging mistletoe and putting up Christmas trees. Also, people put up holly and tinsel. It is a tradition for people to kiss under mistletoe. Santa Claus puts presents in our stockings on Christmas. This is holly.

8 Christmas Cards It is very traditional to send lots of Christmas cards to friends and family.

9 Some people go to church for Midnight Mass on December 24th.
Choir boys will sing in church.

10 There are nativity scenes in churches and some people’s houses.

11 Some people decorate their house a lot and …..
…… some just add a few decorations.

12 The Queen’s Speech!!! On Christmas Day(the 25th of December)the Queen does a special speech that she announces. She says “Merry Christmas” to England.

13 Advent Calendars We have advent calendars. They can have pockets which we fill with chocolate or buy them with chocolates in. We open a window every day in December and eat the chocolate.

14 Selection boxes Selection boxes are lovely! They are full of chocolate!

15 Merry Christmas to you all! Is Christmas the same in Spain?

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