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Christmas & Hanukkah Facts Study Skillz Mr. Waxer December 19, 2014.

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1 Christmas & Hanukkah Facts Study Skillz Mr. Waxer December 19, 2014

2 Quick Write How much do you know about Christmas? Write AT LEAST a half page.

3 The History Of Christmas

4 1 st Celebrated around 400 AD Date chosen to match pagan celebrations Early Christmas was more like Marti Gras Go to Church and then P-A-R-T-Y!

5 The History Of Christmas

6 Outlawed in England in 1645 –Puritan Parliament era –Day of fasting. –Considered a “popish festival with no biblical justification”, and a time of wasteful and immoral behavior. Outlawed in Boston from 1659-1681 US began to create traditions in 1800s A Christmas Carol’s theme struck chord

7 The History Of Christmas

8 USA built unique tradition in 100 years Borrowed from other customs like trees and cards 1823 ‘The Night Before Christmas’ written Rudolph added in 1939 by Robert May in order to lure people into Montgomery Ward’s department stores.

9 The History Of Christmas

10 Fun Facts 30-35 million Christmas trees sold each year in USA In Greek and Russian Churches Christmas is celebrated 13 days later, when the three wise men arrived with their gifts. (gold, incense and myrrh) 1 st Eggnog consumed in 1607 (Jamestown)

11 More Facts Christmas is one of two holy days for Christians. (Easter is the other) Celebrates birth of Jesus in Bethlehem Jesus and his parents had to flee to Egypt St. Nick was a real Bishop who lived around 400 AD. He was known for his generosity and secret gift giving.

12 More Facts

13 Many historians argue that Jesus was most likely born in the Spring or Summer, not Winter. Most likely changed to Winter to coincide with certain Pagan religions and holidays.

14 The History of Hanukkah

15 An eight-day Jewish celebration. Celebrates the rededication of the 2 nd Temple in Jerusalem. –Jews rose up against their Greek-Syrian oppressors. Hanukkah = dedication. Also called the Festival of Lights.

16 The History of Hanukkah

17 Celebrated with the lighting of the menorah, traditional foods, games and gifts. Israel taken over by Syrians in 200 B.C. –Outlawed Jewish religion. 168 B.C., soldiers massacred citizens and desecrated the 2 nd Temple. –Forced Jews to worship Zeus and sacrifice pigs within the temple.

18 The History of Hanukkah

19 Rebellion led by Jewish priest Mattathias and his 5 sons. Judah Maccabee (aka “The Hammer”) rebel leader. Relied on guerilla warfare tactics. Eventually took back the 2 nd Temple and Israel.

20 The Hanukkah “Miracle” According to the Talmud (a religious/history book), there was only enough “untainted” candle oil to last a single day. However, the flames continued to flicker for eight nights. Event inspired Jewish sages to proclaim a yearly eight-day festival.

21 Hanukkah Traditions Revolves around the lighting of a 9- branched menorah. Each candle represents the 8 nights. The 9 th candle (in the middle) is called the shamash (“helper”) and is used to light the others. –Often placed in the window to remind others of the miracle.

22 Hanukkah Traditions Gifts sometimes exchanged (up to 8) per day to symbolize the 8 days. –Usually 7 “small” gifts and 1 “big” gift. Eating of oily foods such as donuts & potato pancakes (latkes). –Allusion to the Hanukkah miracle and the oil used.

23 Hanukkah Traditions

24 Children play the Dreidel Game. Originally created to fool the Roman- Syrian soldiers. –Studying Judaism was outlawed, so Jews would play Dreidel to pretend to be gambling.

25 Hanukkah Traditions

26 Fun Facts Actually a relatively minor holiday, religiously. Major commercial phenomenon in North America because it (often) overlaps with Christmas. In 1800 & 2013, it landed on Thanksgiving and won’t again for another 70,000 years.

27 Writing Prompt You just got a tweet, Instagram, snapchat, IM from Santa Claus and in that message you realize that the Jolly Old Elf (or Hanukkah Elf) has put you on the wrong list and you need to persuade him to put you on the correct list (either naughty or nice). Write him a letter persuading him to put you on the correct list! Be creative!

28 What did you learn? On the same piece of paper as your quick write, tell me three things you learned about Christmas and/or Hanukkah that you did not know. Santa Tracker!

29 Your Homework Enjoy your vacation

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