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Ron Burgundy I’m Ron Burgundy and I say stay classy, U.S.A.

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1 Ron Burgundy http://fantasy411com/ron-burgundy.jpg I’m Ron Burgundy and I say stay classy, U.S.A.

2 Ron’s Policies Abortion- Mr. Burgundy believes that abortion should be illegal in all states. Abortion is murder and should not be a choice. Gay Marriage- Believes that gay marriage should not be illegal. Ron believes marriage is between one man and one woman. Economy- Ron believes that we need to limit government spending so taxpayers will have more money to spend, thus helping the economy by putting money back into it.

3 More Policies Environment- Mr. Burgundy believes that the environment should be part of government spending. Scientist say that we might not have too time left. The time is now. War in Iraq- Ron believes that as long as troops are needed in Iraq, the United States should keep sending troops. Death Penalty- Ron believes that if one person murders another and is found guilty, they should be put to death. Health Care Policy- Ron believes that everyone should have a choice on if they want health care or not and which kind to get.

4 Personal Qualities Ron is a natural leader. He has not only been the leader of a well know news team, but he also served in New York as senator. Ron is good looking. Many ladies actually run to him just to touch him.

5 More Qualities Ron is trustworthy. When he says something he will do it. Ron is a hard worker. He dosen’t quit until the job is done; and done well!

6 Get to know Ron Ron is/has: Male 40 years old Republican Married with 3 kids Served as New York City’s senator for eight years.

7 Important Campaign Stops Ron will be stopping at these places to make speeches and conduct fundraisers. 1. Des Moines, Iowa 1/3- Mr. Ron will be making a speech about the environment in Iowa at the Embassy Suits. “We stand warned by serious and credible scientists across the world that time is short and the dangers are great.“ Embassy Suites on the River - Des Moines

8 More Campaign Stops 2. Detroit, Michigan 1/15- Ron will be speaking about the auto industry at the MGM Grand. He will charge 100 per plate. 3. F.S.U., Florida 1/29- Ron will be speaking on education to college students.

9 Vote Ron The True American

10 More Campaign Stops 4. San Diego, California 2/5- Ron will be stopping at his home town to make a speech about the health care reform. Tickets to get in will be $50. 5. Phoenix, Arizona 2/5- After his speech in San Diego Ron will be making a speech about abortion. Dinner plates will $200.

11 More Campaign Stops 6. Virginia, Tech, Virginia 2/12- Mr. Burgundy will be talking to the college students of Virginia Tech about the death penalty. “If we are to abolish the death penalty, I should like to see the first step taken by my friends, the murderers.” -Ron Burgundy-


13 More, More Campaign Stops 7. Jackson, Mississippi 3/11- Ron will be stopping in Mississippi to speak about agriculture. Tickets will be $30. “By furthering the use of ethanol, farmers are presented with the opportunity to produce a cash crop by collecting their agricultural wastes.” -Ron Burgundy-

14 More Campaign Stop 8. Bowling Green, Kentucky 5/20- Ron will be stopping to speak about firearms policy. He will be speaking at the Holiday Inn. 9. Albuquerque, New Mexico 6/3- Mr. Burgundy will be speaking about the drug policy. Tickets will cost $100. “Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory, and your self respect.” -Ron Burgundy-


16 The Convention The convention will be held in Austin, Texas. The nominees were Ron Burgundy and Brick. Burgundy Won.


18 General Ad

19 Negative Ads Wes Mantooth is a baby killer. Is that who you want to be president?

20 Negative Ads Does this look like a president to you?

21 The Results

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