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SAMPLE Starter What do you think makes a good doctor?

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1 SAMPLE Starter What do you think makes a good doctor?
Discuss this question in your table pairs Then list what you think the qualities of a good doctor are in the back of your exercise book SAMPLE

2 SAMPLE Lesson Title: Who was Hippocrates?
To know how Hippocrates advanced medicine To understand the importance of Hippocrates in the history of medicine Skills: note taking, interpreting information, explanation SAMPLE

3 SAMPLE Task One Fill in the boxes on the Hippocrates worksheet
Use pages 29, 32 and 33 of your textbook SAMPLE

4 Task Two Below are some medical scenarios. Imagine you are Hippocrates, how would you respond to each of these medical scenarios? Briefly explain what you would in your exercise book A prehistoric tribe leader has a migraine and after careful observation by one of the women in the tribe it is decided to trephine the leader. An ancient Egyptian pharaoh is hot and flushed so his doctor decides to draw some blood out of him to unblock the blocked channel. A Greek farmer has the flu and so a friend recommends he visits an Asclepius overnight to feel better. Pythagoras can’t concentrate on his theory and complains of being tired, rundown and has constant headaches. Upon considering his complaints his doctor recommends he spends some more time in the fresh air by taking brisk walks everyday and drinking more fluid SAMPLE

5 Task Three Answer the 5 mark exam question from the sheet you have been given using Source A Use your mark scheme to help you write your answer The box is for your answer! You have around 7 minutes to write it – get cracking! SAMPLE

6 Plenary Peer assess your answers in your table pairs now that you have finished Use the mark scheme on the sheet to award your partner with a level and a mark out of 5 Fill this in on the sheet underneath their answer SAMPLE

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