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Modifiers Mrs. Paige.

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1 Modifiers Mrs. Paige

2 Misplaced Modifiers

3 Misplaced Modifiers

4 What is the misplaced modifier?

5 What is the misplaced modifier?

6 What is the misplaced modifier?

7 What is a modifier?

8 Misplaced Modifier A MODIFIER is an ADJECTIVE or ADVERB, and can be written in the form of words, phrases, verbals, or clauses. Sometimes modifiers can be MISPLACED. This doesn’t mean they are lost, but the meaning of the sentence might be lost. We know a MODIFIER is MISPLACED if we can’t tell what the modifiers are modifying.

9 Misplaced Modifier If a MODIFIER placement doesn’t make it clear what it MODIFIERS, the sentence may be misunderstood. To correct misplaced MODIFIERS, move the modifying word or phrase so that it appears directly BEFORE or AFTER the word it modifies.

10 Misplaced Modifier Example 1:
I played with my pet dog in my Sunday suit. What is wrong with this sentence?

11 Misplaced Modifiers Common ADVERBS that are MISPLACED are only, almost, just, even, merely, and scarcely. Example 2: Look at the following sentences to see how the position of just affects the meaning of the sentence. Just the boys thanked the coach. Meaning: The boys just thanked the coach. Meaning: The boys did nothing else but thank the coach. The boys thanked just the coach.

12 Practice 1 The messenger spoke to the receptionist who delivered the package. _________________ The golfer won the trophy wearing green golf shoes. _________________ Our desire grew smaller to win the prize. _________________ Reaching the menu, Hugh decided to have the steak again. _________________ Finishing the dishes, we were ready to relax. _________________ The kitten drank the milk that was hungry. _________________ I hurried to open the gift happily surprised. _________________ Sailing into port, my grandfather stood at the wheel of his beautiful new boat. _________ Soaring gracefully over the treetops, I watched the hawk disappear from view. ________ Badly frightened, the puppy cowered under the porch. _________________

13 Complete Practice 2 & 3 with a partner!
Misplaced Modifiers Complete Practice 2 & 3 with a partner!

14 Dangling Modifiers

15 Dangling Modifiers A dangling modifier IS A MODIFIER WITH NOTHING TO MODIFY. To fix this problem, YOU MUST ADD SOMETHING NEW SO IT WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO MODIFY. Example Giving a party, several balloons were blown up. The modifier should describe whoever gave the party, but no word in the sentence identifies the party giver. Correct: Giving a party, they blew up several balloons.

16 Dangling Modifiers Let’s do Practice 1 & 2!

17 Any questions?????

18 Exit Pass What is a modifier? What is a misplaced modifier?
What is a dangling modifier? Correct the following sentence: We only had two eggs left.

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