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Poetry: TPCASTT Romantics.

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1 Poetry: TPCASTT Romantics

2 Analysis Follow along with the poem you have received. Do not move ahead of the group; do not fall behind Fill in your individual responses on the sheet provided

3 Step 1: Title Before you start to read the poem, look at the title. Write the title. What, based on the title, do you think the poem might be about? What might be concealed in the title? What is IMPLIED by the title, and what might the connotations be?

4 Step 2: Paraphrase Read the poem (we’ll do this together).
Paraphrasing means that you, line by line, take the poem apart. What is happening in individual lines? Do not summarize. Do not. Use your words. Don’t use the same words as the poet.

5 Step 3: Connotation Continue to read the poem. Read it over, one more time. Comb the poem for literary devices. Simile, metaphor, personification, symbolism Comb the poem for sound devices like alliteration, meter, rhyme, onomatopoeia

6 Step 4: Attitude Focus on diction and tone
Complex; there need to be images or word choices that make you think this

7 Step 5: Shifts Where does the poem change from one attitude to another? Look for key words (but, yet, however, although) Punctuation (dashes, periods, colons) Stanza divisions, changes in stanza size

8 Step 6: Title Think back on the title now. What might it represent, symbolically? Take time to relate it to the body of the poem

9 Step 7: Theme What is the poem saying about the human experience? What is the poem about? Consider what the poet might want you to take from the poem Expressed IN A SENTENCE

10 Next Steps: Your Analysis
Students: log on to Go to “advanced search” In “Movements”, choose “Romantic” Choose the POET Choose the POEM Do the TP-CASTT analysis Present the poem

11 Presenting Your Analysis
Be sure that your poet is British Romantic Present your poem’s analysis according to the template Rubric WILL INCLUDE thoroughness, presentation skills, interactivity

12 Present: Poet and Poem Give a short biography of the poet
Read the poem slowly, clearly, and using excellent diction and body language

13 Present: Thoroughness
Did you: Address all parts of the template? Adequately provide meaning of the poem? Connotate using poetic devices and sound devices? Explain them? Choose shift words and identify tone changes? Choose theme?

14 Present: Interactivity
Did you think of an activity for your class to partake in to help them understand the poem? Think gallery walk, illustration, mad libs, anything interactive, group read, spirit read, choral read, post-it hot potato, etc. Don’t forget to provide simple step-by-step instructions for everything. Everything. Did you do something visual? Kinesthetic? Audio?

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