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Unit 1 Friends Comic strip and Welcome to the unit.

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1 Unit 1 Friends Comic strip and Welcome to the unit

2 Eddie and Hobo Eddie is ________. He likes _________________. fat Hobo is ________ and ________. lovely eating and sleeping clever Comic strips How much do you know about them?

3 Are Eddie and Hobo good friends? Why?

4 1 Hobo is hungry. What does Eddie give Hobo? Eddie gives Hobo some milk and a cake. 2 Is there anything else in the fridge? No, there is nothing else( 没有别的东西 ) in the fridge. 3 What does Hobo want? Why? He wants to share Eddie’s pizza in the bowl. Because he wants some more food ( 再来一 些食物 ). Read and answer

5 Work in pairs and act the dialogue out. Read Eddie and Hobo’s dialogue

6 Will Eddie share the pizza with Hobo at last? Yes. Why? Because they are friends. Welcome to the unit

7 Today Hobo was ________. Eddie gave him _________ and some_______. Hobo wanted to have ____________ food. But there was ____________ in the fridge. At last, Eddie had to _________ the pizza with Hobo. hungry a cake milk some more nothing else share Please complete the short passage

8 What can you learn about friends from Eddie and Hobo? Friends can Teenagers like to make friends. Do you know the qualities of a good friend? share things with each other. kind, polite, helpful, friendly…

9 Do you talk to him/her when you are happy ? Y/N Do you talk to him/her when you are sad ? Y/N = Can your friend make you happy? = Can your friend share your happy things ? joy ( 欢乐 )? Questionnaire about your friends’ qualities

10 Do you talk to him / her about anything ? Y/ N Do you talk to him/her when you have problems? Y/ N Do you believe what he/she says? Y/ N = Can your friend keep secrets ( 秘密 )? = Is your friend honest ( 诚实 )? =Can your friend help you? = Is your friend helpful?

11 (be) helpful (be) honest keep secrets make sb. happy share one’s joy What makes your friend so special? qualities of a good friend

12 helpful - d honest - e keep secrets - c make me happy - a share my joy - b Please help Daniel match the qualities with the questions in ‘Teenagers’ magazine on page 7.

13 What other qualities does your friend have? Is he/she ?clean and tidy good-looking( 好看的 ) friendly polite good at music musical ( 有音乐天赋的 ) clever funny

14 What are the important qualities of a good friend? quite important not important very important polite helpful honest clean and tidy clever friendly funny good- looking musical

15 Complete the table on page 7 I think that to be friendly, musical… is very/quite/not important. It is very/quite/not important for my friend to be friendly, musical… Please read your answers to your partner by using the following sentences.

16 Practice

17 What does your friend look like? He/She is clean and tidy. He/She is good-looking. Do you think these qualities are very important qualities of a good friend? I think that to be ____________ is _____________.

18 What personalities does your friend have? He/She is helpful. (honest,friendly,polite...)

19 What abilities does your friend have? He/She is clever. He/She is musical.

20 What makes your friends so special? keeping secrets making you happy sharing your joy

21 A: Hello. May I ask you some questions about your best friend? B: Of course. A: What does he/she look like? B: He/She looks______________. A: What makes your best friend so special? B: He/She is _____________________________ A: Good! Do you think it is very important for your best friend to be good-looking? B: No. I think that to be helpful and polite is very important. A: Thank you for joining us! My best friend clean and tidy Oral practice honest and makes me happy.

22 1 饿了 2 你真好 3 再来一些食物 4 分享我的快乐 5 诚实的 6 保守秘密 7 使我快乐 A Translate these following phrases and sentences. Exercises

23 8 有问题 9 干净且整洁 10 有趣的 11 音乐天赋的 12 我能喝点什么吗 ? 是的,可以。 13 冰箱里没有别的东西。

24 1 be hungry 2 You are so kind. 3 some more food/ another some food 4 share my joy 5 be honest 6 keep secrets 7 make me happy 8 have problems 9 be clean and tidy 10 be funny 11 be musical 12 Can I have something to drink, please? Yes, please. 13 There is nothing else in the fridge. Keys to exercises Read and remember

25 Complete the sentences. 1 My friend __________ ( 是诚实的 ). 2 I can ________ Amy ________________ ( 对 …… 讲任何事情 ). 3 There is not enough bread for supper. We need to ___________________ ( 再买一些 ). is honest talk toabout anything buy some more

26 4 — ____________________( 有多少碗 ) are there in the cupboard? — There are four. 5 My best friend often _________________ ( 让我开心 ). 6 He always helps me when I _______________ ( 有困难 ). How many bowls makes me happy have problems

27 Put them into English 1.A: 你想来些喝的吗? B: 不,谢谢。 2. 冰箱里没有其他的东西了, 你能帮我买些回来吗? 3. 也许你可以和我合用一个房间。 4. 如果你学习英语有问题,我能帮你。 5. 不要让他伤心。 A: Would you like something to drink? B: No, thanks. There is nothing in the fridge. Can you get some for me? Maybe you can share a room with me? If you have problems with your English, I can help you. Don’t make him sad.

28 Homework 1 Copy the new words. 2 Read and recite the dialogue. 3 Finish additional exercises.

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