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Secretary “The Write Stuff”. The PTA Secretary The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all proceedings of the PTA.

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1 Secretary “The Write Stuff”

2 The PTA Secretary The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all proceedings of the PTA.

3 3 Types of Meetings Executive Officer –Elected Officers (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer) Board of Directors –Elected Officers PLUS Committee Chairpersons and Principal/Teacher Representatives General Membership –Dues paying members of your Local Unit

4 What are my responsibilities? Accurately keep the minutes Distribute minutes for approval Determine presence of a quorum Be familiar with your LU Bylaws Maintain a Membership List

5 What else? Send new officers to GA PTA by May 1st ( Distribute the bylaws Act as an aid to the President Send out notices of meetings Custodian of all PTA records Submits any address changes during the year (Officers Address Change Form)

6 Be Prepared! Pen, paper, minutes notebook Agenda for meeting Minutes from the previous meeting & Treasurer’s Reports Local Unit Bylaws Ballots & Motion Blanks List of Committee Chairs Membership Roster Copy of Robert’s Rules of Order (newly revised)

7 The Minutes: What do I include? Name of LU and type of meeting (Executive Committee, Board of Directors or General Membership) Date, place, hour of meeting Name of presiding officer Names of those present Statement regarding minutes approval Report of Treasurer Report of Committees New Business ALL MOTIONS (name of person who introduced the motion) Hour of adjournment Secretary Signature

8 The Minutes: What do I include? In the case of a ballot vote, record the number of votes for and against. You do not need to include the name of the person who seconds a motion.

9 First Paragraph Kind of Meeting Name of PTA Date, place, time Quorum established –The regular meeting of ABC PTA was held on September 17, 2015 in the gymnasium of ABC Middle School. The secretary established a quorum was present.

10 First Paragraph Names of President and Secretary Name of person giving inspiration and description (song, poem, etc.) Person leading the pledge –The meeting was called to order by president Bob Smith at 7:30 p.m. The secretary Sue Jones was present. An inspirational ready was given by Mary Brown. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by the president.

11 First Paragraph Names of members present may be included (less than 20) Whether minutes were read (or printed and distributed) and approved (or approved as corrected) –Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed and distributed.

12 Second Paragraph Treasurer’s Report –Beginning balance (ending balance at last meeting) –Total disbursements (since last meeting) –Ending balance (current meeting date) –The treasurer reported a beginning balance of $325, receipts of $75 from dues, current disbursements of $25, and a balance on hand of $375 as of September 17, 2015.

13 Third Paragraph Describe any communications read. –The secretary read a note of thanks from the scholarship recipient Bill Williams.

14 Next Paragraph Describe the reports of Executive Committee, standing committees and special committees Copies of reports may be attached to minutes

15 How to Handle Motions All main motions (except those withdrawn) –Name of maker of motion –Disposition of motion –Whether it was adopted or not adopted George Johnson moved that the Hospitality Committee provide snacks for the teachers every Friday. Motion seconded. Motion failed. Ballot vote: Always include the number of votes for and against a ballot or counted vote.

16 Next Paragraph Program topic Method of presentation Names of participants City Traffic Director Sam Wright presented a program on “Getting Home Safely.”

17 Final Paragraph Time of adjournment –The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. Type name and title of secretary –Signature Sue Jones, Secretary (or Secretary Pro-Tem)

18 Minutes Book Separate books (tabs) for minutes of: Executive Committee/Board (officers and principal, student, teacher) Board of Directors (Executive Committee, plus committee chairs) Regular meetings (all members) Minutes are read only to the body who created them

19 Correcting the Minutes Circle the incorrect words with RED PEN Place the correction in the margin Corrections must be initialed and dated After reading: –Approved as read –Approved as amended –Date of approval, secretary’s initials Only the group that created the minutes can create them.

20 Hints Be an active listener Paraphrase Record what was done (action), not what was said (what was decided, not what we said) Record motions verbatim, names of who made the motion (but not who seconded)

21 Hints Stick to the facts! Keep personal opinion out of the minutes. Don’t let the minutes go cold Remember to keep three separate files of minutes: Executive Board, Board of Directors, General Membership

22 Don’t Forget… If it’s not in the minutes, it didn’t happen.

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