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Interactive Student Notebook. What is the purpose of the notebook? The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable you to be a creative, independent.

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1 Interactive Student Notebook

2 What is the purpose of the notebook? The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable you to be a creative, independent and reflective thinker and writer throughout the year. Interactive notebooks will be used for class notes as well as for other activities where you will be asked to express your own ideas and process and or apply the information and skills learned in this class. It also helps you review for semester tests and exams.

3 What materials do I need? 1. 5-subject spiral notebook with plastic covers and pockets 2. 4-color pen 3. highlighters 4. glue stick(s) 5. assorted color pencils (magic markers tend to bleed through pages messing up other assignments)

4 How should my notebook be organized? Left Side – student input/application Organize new information in creative formats Express opinions and feelings Explore connections to what has been learned Apply skills learned (diagrams, analogies, political cartoons) Right Side – teacher input Title and Unit pages Unit Homework Calendars Homework Packets * Class, reading, and discussion notes Informative Handouts Essays Personal Responses * will contain both left and right side activities

5 What goes on the right side of my notebook? Most activities assigned by your teacher for the notebook should be done on the right side of your notebook. Examples of assignments might be informative handouts, completing your Chapter Reading Homework Packet, notes from a PPT, or writing an essay to support the opinion that President Jefferson did not have the authority to purchase Louisiana from the French in 1803. CORRECT STUDENT HANDOUTS!

6 What goes on the left side of my notebook? The left side of your notebook will be used for a variety of different activities. Left side activities will ask you to demonstrate your understanding of new ideas. You might, for example, create an illustrated timeline of events that caused the Russian Revolution on the left side opposite a set of notes you had just taken from Mr. Howard.

7 Expectations It is expected that you revisit your right side information by applying it on the left side of your notebook. Frequently, any work that you will do on your left side is unassigned. This means that you must consistently go back to your notes, activity, or essay that had been assigned by to further process or apply what you have learned. This is what makes the notebook “interactive” and causes the student to revisit and study concepts more frequently.

8 How do I earn an “A” on my notebook? A student that expects to earn an A- or higher grade on the notebook will be the one who has taken the time to consistently include unassigned left side assignments that show application of concepts and skills taught in class for each right side work assigned by Mr. Howard.

9 What are examples of unassigned, left-side work? Venn Diagram Word Gram Mind Notes Map Concept Web Chart/Graph Timeline Cause/Effect Charts Drawn/ClipArt Metaphors Flow Charts Connect to Today Personal Responses Processed Article Illustrated Proverbs Poem Comic Strips Political Cartoon Illustrated Definitions Essay Point of View Pictoword Famous Quotes Every individual right side page (even for many pages of the same assignment) must have an accompanying left side activity.

10 How will my notebook be graded? Notebooks will be checked regularly as a test grade and these checks will not be announced. All class notes and notebook right-side assignments should be included, even for the days in which you were absent. This includes each being recorded in the table of contents. Each right side assignment must be complete, have a heading, and the date assigned or given written on it. Mostly it is checked on being complete but the left sides must be varied (not all the same kind of activity) and not be a simple restatement or a picture with no processing of content from the right side.

11 Remember! Each right side page must have a left side where one or more of the concepts or skills used on the right side is/are applied. All LS non student-created images and articles must have a complete MLA citation.

12 How long should it take to work on my notebook? With the exception of Chapter Homework Packets, class time is normally given to work on right side assignments and sometimes this includes time to work on a left side. The expectation is that you will revisit their right side that evening or the next to review the material by completing a left side activity of your own choosing. Once you have a good understanding of the kinds of left side activities that can be done, it should take you about 15 minutes to complete a left side.

13 What happens if I am absent? If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain notebook assignments from either a classmate or the teacher.

14 How do I actually set up my notebook? Be sure to title the notebook with your name and the subject. Create a front cover that represents the subject or class. You may use images from old magazines or printed from the internet or you may draw or sketch and color your own. The cover should be completely covered with words or images that represent the subject.

15 How do I actually set up my notebook? Create an “about me” page on the inside of the front cover. Create a collage of images and words to express who you are. As long as the images and words are not inappropriate, anything goes.

16 How do I actually set up my notebook? Reserve the first 10 sheets for the “Table of Contents.” Label the Pages and leave the rest blank. Beginning with the first page after the table of contents, number all pages from the beginning to the end of the notebook in the upper right hand corner. (Be Careful!)

17 How do I actually set up my notebook? Remember, chapter outlines, traditional notes, handouts, SOAPPS-Tone, OPTIC, P.O.V. activities, quizzes and essays go on the right-hand pages; visuals, comics, quotes, etc on the left. Complete an entry into the table of contents each time you add a page to your notebook.

18 The 4-Color Pen: Red = Quizzes Green = SOAPPS-Tones; OPTICs; P.O.V.s Blue = Homework Black = Class work

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