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History 11 – Government Original Program Design By: Matthew Ngo.

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1 History 11 – Government Original Program Design By: Matthew Ngo

2 Objectives The point of the game is to make the most by answering questions Each briefcase is worth $1.00 Answering CORRECTLY - you get $1.00 Answering INCORRECTLY - you lose $1.00 Team with the most money wins the game!!!!

3 1 2 345678 910111213141516 1718192021222324 2526272829303132 3334353637383940 4142434445464748 4950 DEAL

4 State the 3 functions of government:

5 The Governor General Represents the_____________, but follows the advice of the cabinet.

6 The Governor General serves for how many years?

7 Our current Governor General is_____________

8 Prime Minister is the leader of the majority party in the ______________________

9 Prime Minister of Canada is the _______________________Party‘s _____________________.

10 The ____________is responsible for all legislation & has the power to make new laws. It decides whether to raise or lower taxes; the country will be at peace or war; to improve airports; to increase old-age pensions.

11 Each province must be represented by at least one___________________, who is responsible for a Government Department.

12 Parliament consists of: _______, _______, _______

13 The House of Commons is made up of ________ seats

14 Current Opposition Party is the _______________________Party.

15 Leader of the Opposition Party is______________________

16 The __________________________makes sure everyone is following parliamentary procedure. If there is a tie vote in the House, they may cast the deciding vote.

17 The ___________works for the Speaker of the House and carries out 3 duties: –To perform whenever there are ceremonial activities –They are responsible for the security of the House of Commons & the Parliament Buildings. –Guardian of the Mace

18 The _______________was originally a weapon of the Middle Ages. It was used by the Sergeant-at-Arms, who was the king’s body guard. It is a symbol of authority of the Crown and plays an important role in the Opening of Parliament

19 During the War of 1812, ________soldiers invaded and captured York (Toronto) and stole the mace

20 The __________________calls the House of Commons to the Senate for the Speech from the Throne or Royal Assent to Legislation. They are the Leader of the Speaker’s Parade and are responsible for Senate security.

21 Each year 40 students are selected from various high schools across Canada to work as ___________in the House of Commons. They work as messengers part-time.

22 An MP is a federal representative who represents people that live in a voting area called a______________________. (Riding or District)

23 A _________ or statute begins as a bill. Each bill must have readings

24 Once a bill becomes a law it is called an _______.

25 Once the Senate approves a bill, it goes to the _________for assent

26 The PM calls for the election or if there is a__________, which means that the government is defeated in the House of Commons because the members no longer feel the government is working well.

27 ______is an agency run by Parliament that organizes all federal elections

28 _______make a list of all the people in Canada that can vote.

29 Queen Victoria declared Ottawa to be the Capital of Canada in 1858 and _________________Hill was chosen for the government buildings

30 _________________________= a private meeting of the elected members of a political party.

31 Name the major four Federal Political Parties of Canada:

32 ________= is a system of government in which the people rule or have the power.

33 Canada’s government has been described as a _________ because the Queen is our head of state.

34 The Name of our Current Head of state is _____________.

35 ____________ = The government has a system in which the power to make laws is shared between two levels of government: a national or central government and provincial governments.

36 The Upper House = _____.

37 The Lower House = _____.

38 True or FalseThe Prime Minister’s office has no fixed term

39 Federal, Provincial, or Municipal?? Armed Forces

40 Federal, Provincial, or Municipal?? Marriage Permits

41 Federal, Provincial, or Municipal?? Recycling

42 Federal, Provincial, or Municipal?? Education

43 Federal, Provincial, or Municipal?? Taxes

44 Left Wing, Center, or Right Wing??? Stricter justice system, with harsher punishment for offenders

45 Left Wing, Center, or Right Wing??? More spending on social welfare programs

46 Left Wing, Center, or Right Wing??? Shared role for government and individuals

47 Left Wing, Center, or Right Wing??? Economy a mix of public and private enterprise

48 Left Wing, Center, or Right Wing??? Emphasis on individual rights

49 Carries out the nation’s laws

50 Makes the nation’s laws

51 Interprets the nation’s laws

52 Largest group of elected members from the same political party

53 General court of appeal

54 Represents the Queen at the Provincial Level


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