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Five Parts Instructions/Directions Topic/Historical Context Task Documents Essay.

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2 Five Parts Instructions/Directions Topic/Historical Context Task Documents Essay

3 Instructions What will you be required to do in the essay? In your essay, be sure to: You must use at least four documents Incorporate information from the documents in the body of the essay Incorporate relevant outside information Support the theme with relevant facts, examples, and details Use a logical and clear plan of organization Introduce the theme by establishing a framework that is beyond a simple restatement of the Task or Historical Context and conclude with a summation of the theme

4 Historical Context/Topic Provides background identifies the topic of the essay – Find the topic and underline it Historical Context: In 527, Emperor Justinian was determined to revive the Roman Empire by making Constantinople the new Rome. Under Justinian, the Byzantine Empire, would go on to make many significant cultural contributions to the world.

5 Task What is the purpose of the essay These will be your body paragraphs You are not writing paragraphs about the documents – Document support your ideas in the supporting paragraphs – Outside information is also required in supporting paragraphs Circle the command words – Discuss, illustrate, describe, analyze, etc…

6 Documents Step 1 – Read the document question Step 2 – Read the document – Look for any captions or titles; sources, etc Step 3 – Answer the question in full sentences Step 4 – Make a note next to the document as to which of the supporting paragraphs it may apply

7 12/14 12/14 Do Now Do Now – Brainstorm a list of terms, people, events, and/or places associated with Byzantine

8 Essay Introduction: – Identify the time period and topic – What will you be writing about? Supporting paragraphs – Use documents Identify documents by placing the document number inside Ex. The dome of the Hagia Sophia was described as “ being suspended from heaven by a fabled golden chain ”. (Doc. 2) – Include outside information Brainstorm a list of terms associated with the topic Conclusion – “From the information provided it is easy to see…”

9 In 476 AD, the Western Roman Empire collapsed. The Eastern Empire, which became known as Byzantine, survived. The empire would grow and prosper under the rule of Justinian. Byzantine culture would preserve Greek and Roman ideas and knowledge. The rule of Justinian was (positive, negative, both)

10 DBQ Checklist DBQ Checklist – Have you answered all document questions? _____ – Do you have an introduction which identifies the historical period and includes a thesis (the point you are going to make in the essay)? _____ – Do you have a conclusion? _____ – Have you included information from the documents in each of the supporting paragraphs and identified the document where the information came from? ____ Ex. “Americans were encouraged to plant victory gardens during the war”. (Doc. 2) – Have you included “outside” information in each of the supporting paragraphs? _____ Hint: Brainstorm a list of people places events that have to do with the subject of the essay. Then include them in relevant sections of the essay – Have you completed the required task (the question) ____

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