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IACHA New Member ORIENTATION GUIDE. Welcome to IACHA! As a new member, you will be provided the following: On online tutorial (you are viewing this now!)

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2 Welcome to IACHA! As a new member, you will be provided the following: On online tutorial (you are viewing this now!) A mentor (a current IACHA member who will assist you during your first year) An IACHA membership manual A “meet and greet” on the Thursday prior to your first meeting to meet you mentor and ask questions In addition to your mentor, you also have support from the IACHA Coordinator, Lynsey Winters Juel. (208) 401-4242

3 Funding and Support Flow Chart Note: IACHA activities involve 2 primary funding services One funding source: HRSA (funds Ryan White programs & ADAP) Another funding source: CDC (funds HIV prevention activities) IACHA is responsible for helping advise the state’s HIV care and prevention programs Ryan White Part B & CDC Prevention funds are channeled through the state Family Planning, STD and HIV Programs= FPSHP

4 As directed by the CDC, community planning is a requirement of the HIV Prevention Cooperative Agreement. CDC provides guidance for community planning bodies to help with assigned HIV Prevention tasks ( CDC Requirement: Community Planning Remember, the CDC from the previous slide? They fund HIV prevention activities!

5 IACHA History Lesson In 1994, Idaho embraced a community planning process to assist in the development of a plan targeting HIV prevention efforts to those populations at greatest risk for HIV transmission (at this point, known as the Idaho Prevention Planning Group) In 2003, this group expanded to address the care-related needs of people living with HIV and AIDS (at this point, known as the Idaho Care and Prevention Council) In 2007, to better integrate the spectrum of concerns and issues related to HIV and AIDS, the council once again underwent a name change, becoming the Idaho Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS (IACHA)

6 IACHA Purpose and Function IACHA uses a community planning process (the responsibility for developing a comprehensive HIV plan involves state and local agencies, non-governmental organizations, and representatives of communities and groups at risk for HIV infection and/or already infected) IACHA’s decisions are based on several sources of data including the following: –Epidemiological profiles of those infected in Idaho –Population and community-specific needs assessments –Studies of what interventions have proven to be successful in reducing HIV and caring for those living with HIV and AIDS –Number of clients in HIV care

7 IACHA Purpose & Function Continued… In regards to HIV prevention, members work in partnership with FPSHP to complete the following: –Assess prevention needs in the state –Determine the populations most at-risk of HIV infection –Recommend effective prevention strategies to reach these populations Addressing the needs of HIV care in Idaho, IACHA members work with FPSHP to complete the following: –Determine unmet needs –Identify gaps in service for people living with HIV/AIDS –Prioritize resource allocation

8 IACHA Membership The IACHA Membership Committee is charged with ensuring inclusion, parity and representation of the membership. Ideally, IACHA membership includes the following: –Persons infected with HIV –Persons representing populations at risk of HIV –HIV care and prevention providers –Health department representatives –Educators –Persons with expertise in behavioral science, substance abuse, corrections, health planning, epidemiology and evaluation

9 IACHA Member Expenses Funding for transportation to meetings, lodging and per diem are covered by FPSHP Costs to attend meetings are reimbursed by submitting a travel voucher to Lynsey Winters Juel

10 IACHA Structure Membership may include up to 26 people with membership terms of three years and the option to reapply The Community Co-Chair is elected by the members; The H&W Co-Chair is appointed by FPSHP IACHA meets three times per year for two-day sessions (usually February, June and September) IACHA has five standing committees: –Membership Committee –Data Committee –Research Committee –Finance Committee –Administrative Committee

11 Idaho’s Seven Health Districts

12 Stats: HIV and AIDS in Idaho Source: Idaho HIV/AIDS 2010 Epidemiologic Profile 1,254 individuals are presumed living with HIV or AIDS in Idaho The majority of Idaho HIV/AIDS cases are male Whites were 76% of diagnoses during 2004–2009, (with a 76% increase in diagnoses among Whites during 2004–2009) MSM continues to be the most reported mode of exposure (49%) during 2004–2009 Heterosexual females had twice the proportion of Hispanic race/ethnicity and were distributed toward younger age groups compared with males

13 Potential Conflict of Interest IACHA may have members who are professionally or personally affiliated with organizations that receive funds from FPSHP for HIV prevention and/or care activities Because of the potential for conflict of interest, IACHA has adopted a disclosure statement which all current and future IACHA members must complete

14 IACHA has adopted the following rules to aid in keeping the group functioning efficiently and effectively during meetings: –End on time –Stay on task –Respect differences –Disagree with ideas, not persons –Respect every opinion –Don’t take remarks personally –Recognize stereotypes –Respect confidentiality –Take the debate and leave the “dirt” –Remember compassion –Everyone is responsible –Plan to attend the entire meeting IACHA Meeting Ground Rules

15 Contact Information IACHA Coordinator: Lynsey Winters Juel Mountain States Group 1607 W. Jefferson Boise, ID 83702 (208)401-4242 IACHA Community Co-Chair: Chris Bidiman 1320 South Mountain View Moscow, Idaho 83843 (208) 596-4449 IACHA H&W Co-Chair: Bebe Thompson Department of H&W P.O. Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720 (208) 334-5943

16 Helpful Websites Mountain States Group IACHA Website: Family Planning, STD and HIV Programs: 2003-2008 HIV Prevention Community Planning Guidance (new guidance should be out this fall)

17 Glossary of Terms and Acronyms ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program) – The state’s program that funds HIV medication for people who are HIV+ and unable to pay for medications CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) – The CDC, in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the lead federal agency for protecting the health and safety of the people of the United States. The CDC provides most of the funding for HIV prevention and HIV surveillance activities in Idaho. Epidemiologic Profile – A document that describes the HIV/AIDS epidemic in various populations and identifies characteristics both of HIV- infected and HIV-negative persons in defined geographic areas. The epidemiological profile serves as the scientific basis from which HIV prevention and care needs are identified and prioritized for a jurisdiction. HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) – The federal agency within the Department of Health & Human Services that administers and oversees the Ryan White Care Act

18 HRH (High Risk Heterosexual) – An HIV risk group IACHA (Idaho Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS) – Community planning group in Idaho IDU (Injection Drug Users) – An HIV risk group MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) – An HIV risk group PIR (Parity, Inclusion, and Representation) – CDC mandate which requires IACHA to ensure membership reflects the Epi Profile, all members are provided the opportunity to speak and all members voice the views of the groups they represent FPSHP (Family Planning, STD and HIV Programs) – The section within the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare responsible for administering the Title X Family Planning Program, the STD Prevention Program, Ryan White Part B and AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, and the HIV Prevention Program. Glossary of Terms and Acronyms Continued…

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