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Lesson 4-7 Arithmetic Sequences.

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1 Lesson 4-7 Arithmetic Sequences

2 Definitions Sequence- A set of numbers in a specific order.
Terms- The numbers in a sequence. Arithmetic Sequence- When the difference between successive terms is constant. Common Difference- The difference between terms.

3 Determine whether each sequence is arithmetic. Justify your answer.
-15, -13, -11, -9, …

4 Find the next three terms of the arithmetic sequence -8, -11, -14, -17, …

5 nth Term of an Arithmetic Sequence- an = a1+ (n - 1)d.

6 Find the 9th term in the arithmetic sequence 7, 11, 15, 19, …

7 Consider the arithmetic sequence -8, 1, 10, 19, …
Write an equation for the nth term of the sequence. Find the 12th term in the sequence. Graph the first five terms of the sequence.

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